Bro, I swear some people in zombies have negative IQ

2022.01.26 09:14 PawsPawsPaws_ Bro, I swear some people in zombies have negative IQ

And by some I mean like 90% We're doing the objective with circles on the ground, and this mf just runs around killing zombies instead. Then we fail, 1000 super sprinters spawn, he goes down. Or people buying the box on round 2. BRO YOU CAN LITERALLY PICK ANY GUN AT THE START OF THE GAME. Get jug instead, because you're gonna go down on round 2, and you ain't getting picked up. Or dudes that play public games and exfill on round 5. JUST PLAY SOLO, IR DON'T PLAY AT ALL IF IT'S TOO HARD ON ROUND 5. Holy shit.
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2022.01.26 09:14 TonyaF11 My Babies ❤😺🐶

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2022.01.26 09:14 Scarrazaar Is Jeff goldblum broke or something? Man is doing raid ads ffs

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2022.01.26 09:14 OldDew Trying to find python's location.

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2022.01.26 09:14 pauldragom13 how do i not see pops and explosions with phobos?

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2022.01.26 09:14 michaelnoir [January 26th, 1922] Italian forces occupy Misrata in Libya. The reconquest of Libya begins.

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2022.01.26 09:14 OPMaddict Is trophy hunting justifiable since it helps conservation efforts?

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2022.01.26 09:14 Sultanah_North China's Middle East Dilemma: Israel or Palestine? - The Diplomat - Jin
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2022.01.26 09:14 We_Conquer Time in position change?

Switched from day maintenance, cause a night guy wanted to work days a couple months ago, as of today they changed my time in position to match when I came to overnights. It’s not considered the same position?…. Are they able to just wait it out and change your in time position whenever they want? Kind of salty about this cause now instead of being able to change out of this shitty position (literally) I’m stuck. 😂
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2022.01.26 09:13 jono_82 ASUS GPU Warranty question

I'm looking at getting an ASUS NVIDIA GPU and have been wondering about warranty, as I've never had to deal with them before. But as you know, these GPUs aren't cheap these days.
Do I need to buy it from an authorised reseller to get warranty or can I buy it from anywhere? There is a repair center in my city, so if I had a problem could I send it to them? Or would I need to send it to Taiwan or China?
Usually I just buy GPUs from Umart and have good experiences over the years, but in this case Umart doesn't have the card I want.
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2022.01.26 09:13 Morenjersty 動画:パンダも春節ムード 中国・四川

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2022.01.26 09:13 hello297 Found the boys in the wild in a random magazine

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2022.01.26 09:13 BeneficialParsley573 So i just realised that on my Lycanrock (midnight form) there is a red Lycanrock as the rarity. Anyone know what it means? (Also yes it’s a German card)

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2022.01.26 09:13 Devil_Dane NEXT DAY GAME THREAD 41! Stars at Devils 2022.01.25.

What’s on your mind?
When Ripley said the best way to solve a problem was to nuke it, she was definitely thinking of this game.
I’ll admit it: I wish Joe Pavelski was a Devil; the Sharks were insane to not retain him.
NHL Video Recap
ESPN Facts
NHL Facts
Regular Season Schedule 2021-22
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2022.01.26 09:13 iTonee Trouble with gaming headset

About a week ago I purchased my first gaming laptop (ASUS Zephyrus G14). I went from playing OW on PS5 to PC.
I’ve been using my Pulse 3D headset since its the only headset I own. However, my friends are having a tough time hearing me. I’ve tried boosting my mic on windows but it’ll only let me boost by 3dB.
I’m not incredibly tech savvy, so I’m having a tough time figuring out how to boost the mic even more. Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks ahead of time.
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2022.01.26 09:13 BOSSBABY33 Insta is full of those people

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2022.01.26 09:13 Zealousideal-Elk841 I met a girl in 2020 she was 19 back then and from Nevada. We talked about universe and spirituality on tik tok tag. She said "MAN MADE THE UNIVERSE" I still remember her for this day cuz I couldn't save her snap.

I'm m21 now 20 then. I said I'm from Greenland of asia. I've posted couple of posts ever since then
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2022.01.26 09:13 haZ3RRR Visiting NYC from Spain with friends, looking to go clubbing and enjoy the nightlife

We are a group of 6 spanish guys visiting NYC on March, we want to go out at night as much as we can but are a bit clueless of how to get in contact with promoters, or how can we find clubs to go into.
Any help fellow redditors? :D
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2022.01.26 09:13 ProtectIntegrity A Comprehensive Guide to the Frenulum, the Most Powerful Part of the Penis

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2022.01.26 09:13 _PykeGaming_ The invisibros

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2022.01.26 09:13 vorstin Any ideas on this brand? It's too worn to see the name but I'm hoping that someone will recognize it. It's on the bottom of an aluminum or steel dutch oven.

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2022.01.26 09:13 mahernandez_4 Pumas U-14s will participate in the international Mina Cup held in Dubai

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2022.01.26 09:13 Askelkyykky Sidemen Gets Hypnotized? Please make it happen

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2022.01.26 09:13 iccaecumsa Princess Floki 👑 JUST LAUNCHED 🔥 | Rewards: Hold PrincessFloki , Earn 9% DogeCoin 💸| Doxxed DEV (VideoChat) 🎥 | Anti-Whale system | LP locked

… once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named PrincessFloki. She lived in an exciting, beautiful but dangerous world of Binance Smart Chain and meme tokens. To ensure her safety after many unpleasant situations she decided to live in a rugproof castle with a team of her devoted experienced developers and admins. 🏰

Don't wait! Be a part of something that is going to change the world!

Important Links:

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💰 Tokenomics:

$PRCF is deflationary and gives you 9% $DogeCoin Rewards - paid out every 60 minutes! 🐶

➡️Huge Marketing Plans:
Promoted Coins on Coinsniper and Coinhunt, Huge Twitter and YT Marketing, Cute TG Stickers, Reddit Posts, Applying to CMC, CG and TechRate Audit, Weekly Giveaways, investing in Tech and Start Ups that can provide solutions to global problems , etc. Stay Tuned! 🔥

As I always say. PLEASE do your own research before investing. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose. Any project is not without its potential pitfalls, so be smart! That being said, I highly recommend this project!
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2022.01.26 09:13 TheVideoGaymer A Crytek Announcement (Crysis 4)

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