Textbook recommendations for clinical neuroscience

Neuroscience For Kids . The Synapse. Neurons have specialized projections called dendrites and axons. Dendrites bring information to the cell body and axons take information away from the cell body. Information from one neuron flows to another neuron across a synapse. The synapse contains a small gap separating neurons. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. ShopCPR is your one-stop shop for AHA CPR & ECC training resources, courses, and more. Access all print and digital materials, available in several languages. Chen Neuroscience Research Building Awarded LEED Gold Certification. This hub of neuroscience consumes nearly 30 percent less energy than a typical lab building, it features native and drought-resistant vegetation, and serves as a model for resiliency with a 1-megawatt fuel cell able to power the entire building independently from the electric grid. The Emory University Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (NBB) Program seeks a creative and engaging faculty member who will contribute effectively to undergraduate teaching and mentoring and who will provide leadership and service to the NBB program and Emory College. Combining the most cutting-edge techniques available in modern neuroscience, we seek to unravel the molecular, cellular, and neural circuit mechanisms that underlie learning and memory. Our studies bridge basic science and disease models to causally dissect how memory works and how it breaks down… Learn more » Neuroscience For Kids . Autonomic Nervous System. The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates the functions of our internal organs (the viscera) such as the heart, stomach and intestines. The ANS is part of the peripheral nervous system and it also controls some of the muscles within the body. We are often unaware of the ANS because it ... National Institutes of Health

2022.01.26 08:07 Tcool14032001 Textbook recommendations for clinical neuroscience

I want to read a textbook that covers basics and gives a good introduction to clinical neuroscience and disorders. I also have an upcoming assignment on Huntington's chorea so I'd probably need to refer to a book anyway. Any recommendations on getting started off?
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2022.01.26 08:07 dontflakeoutonme Things are about to take a weird turn…

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2022.01.26 08:07 reddit4DAILY mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most perfect of them all? that's right. it's rimuru

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2022.01.26 08:07 Xoxoqtlolz Martin (250) bullied by his son at home after a tough day of work for chess.c*m

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2022.01.26 08:07 jtothewillis Easy ways to hit these macros?

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2022.01.26 08:07 Cute-Ad8139 AGILE to be released soon...

Do you like jumping, running and DYING!?
Yes you do.
Well then.. \cough*sadist*cough* (just kidding)* ...you can try Agile!
Agile is a game where you can run to different places and collect crystals.

You can also jump on and off walls, jump on and off cliffs, and even DIE!!
Cool, right?
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2022.01.26 08:07 chopdog01 Oat milk adverts misled public on benefits of ditching dairy - The Times (UK)

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2022.01.26 08:07 Taoman108 I feel like this Ram Dass quote reflects the way The Dude accepts his friends. Also, trees are dope.

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2022.01.26 08:07 CenterAce Advice on how to pay loans and save for retirement

Age: 34
Income: My take home is about $5800-6000 a month (after taxes). I've only been making this amount recently.
Student loan amount: $90,000 (2 bachelors and a masters degree). All federal with about 5.5% interest rate.
I live in a high cost of living area with my husband. We share all costs so my rent is $1400 (utilities included with rent). Just paid off all credit cards, car is paid off, and no other debt except the student loans.
I recently started contributing with my employer 401k with 6% employer match, so I've been contributing employer match max. I have enough in savings that can last me 3 months. Should I start a Roth IRA and max the $6000 or should I focus on paying off my student loans? Should I still contribute to a regular savings account? My issue is that I have about maybe 4 years max to utilize a Roth IRA before my husband makes too much money that I won't qualify. He also has is own set of student loans which are triple mine. I don't want to ask him for help to pay off student loans because his is a mixture of private and federal and I would rather have him focus on his own. We've always been the type of couple who just splits everything and when it comes to finance we just leave each other alone for the most part. Any advice will be appreciated?
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2022.01.26 08:07 Theon A powered (SUNLU) filament drybox/dryer... Is it worth it?

I'm thinking of getting one of those powered dryboxes from SUNLU - not because I live anywhere where it's particularly humid, but because I do have a couple spools of (PLA/PETG) filament I use rarely (like, multiple months between use), and I'm pretty sure the filament can't stay fresh that long.
I also thought about printing or building a dry box, but having to source the right bearings and having to buy (or maintain) silica gel sounds like more hassle than it's worth - if I can just get a complete dryer, pop the filament in there for a while if it's been sitting out for long, and not worry about a thing.
Then again, I don't have experience with either - with DIY dryboxes or powered driers, and maybe I'm actually overestimating the risk, or maybe all I need is just an ikea box to put the spools into, and a one-off purchase of a pile of desiccant to last me years, so... What are your thoughts? :)
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2022.01.26 08:07 butylkamoloka Essa noite sonhei com a minha amiga que faleceu

Eu ia visitar ela na casa dos pais, onde a gente se criou brincando. Ela me contava como estava a vida dela pois morava em outra cidade e estava ali de visita. A gente cozinhou juntas, falamos um monte, e em um momento me perguntou quanto eu pagava de aluguel e se queria dividir aluguel com ela.
Eu sinto muitas saudades dela mesmo que no ultimo tempo a gente falava pouco. Minha ultima conversa com ela foi pra a gente se ver quando ambas estivessemos na cidade onde nossos pais moram, o que nunca aconteceu.
Adoraria saber por que meu cerebro faz isso.
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2022.01.26 08:07 egirl_enthusiast 16F Looking to [chat]

It's 3am here and I am bored. Playing some Project Zomboid to kill time if you're curious
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2022.01.26 08:07 EducationalSpite5092 [recruiting] Mikal Bridges| Townhall8+| 1500+ trophies| clan lvl 4| pushing, social, donos| Wars |max tier clan games|

Clan rules are to be active, Donate if someone requests, have fun, we don’t care if u swear just don’t be rude to clan mates, I (the leader) assign you to a person to attack in clan wars if you attack someone different without asking you might get kicked only because you steal away someone else’s opportunity to attack (we are fair and team oriented) ask if you want to be in war aswell because I can’t read your mind
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2022.01.26 08:07 UnnaturalHistory_NFT Unnatural History - Salamander

Unnatural History - Salamander
Though Fire Salamanders are not inherently aggressive, they are marked as threat level three due to their skittish nature, fast speed, and inflammatory abilities. If disturbed, they can superheat their bodies and spread trails of fire wherever they go. These creatures are famous for causing uncontrollable fires and are theorized to have been the true cause of the Great Fire of London.
A call came in over police radio from a man complaining about a ‘living flame’ that had scorched his house. Investigating the claims we came upon a house that clearly had signs of fire damage. The owners, a man, and a woman in their mid-forties ran a successful cattle farm. The woman explained that she was cleaning her son's room when a pile of clothes bursts into flame. The flame then jumped around the room and made its way into the hallway. They managed to put out the fires but the ‘living flame’ jumped out a window and vanished. Upon talking to their teen son we quickly found out that he was a collector of rare reptiles, many of which were illegally obtained. We searched the property and located the problem in an old kiln the father had in the workhouse at the back of the property. As suspected, it was a European Fire Salamander, shipped over to the states in a lead box, however, we found no further evidence of the sellers, so we couldn’t track the origin.
NFTs Released 14/02/2022 sold with SOL - the Solana Foundation determined that a single Solana transaction takes 0.00051 kWh vs ETH which uses 192.45kWh
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2022.01.26 08:07 CatCreators I see more and more people posting bunnies, so here's a cute little bunny lady created by my wife Yanka. All clothes are removable!

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2022.01.26 08:07 rode__16 samus mains will have 2000 hours logged in the game just to stand under platforms and spam projectiles + fair

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2022.01.26 08:07 LopsidedAnnual2000 Should I learn normal backend before smart contract backend?

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