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2022.01.26 08:00 slopirat M4F Looking for (18+!) digital baby

I pay handsomely for obedience and keeping to agreements. Depraved girls that are fetish friendly and listen to instructions carefully have priority.
Full body verification is a must (few seconds video, read out-loud my username - can be chlothed, I'm not fishing for free nudes)
Be prepared to do a video "project" per week and maybe one 20 minute video call once every 2 weeks if I have time, texting here and there to plan. The project is you dressed as I wish and I tell you what to perform, video is min 3 minutes, hi-res, so I can get off. Being within the EU is a plus because of time zones. I will also buy toys and costumes.
Send verification video via telegram to:
I will choose 1 girl. We will not meet. Payment via p 4yp
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2022.01.26 08:00 autotldr EU wants test-free travel for vaccinated residents

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 54%. (I'm a bot)

Traveling around Europe may be about to get less complicated for fully vaccinated travelers from countries within the European Union.
The EU is recommending that vaccinated residents should not be required to undergo testing or quarantine measures when entering member states.
Under the new advice, which comes into effect on February 1, restrictions would be lifted for those who hold a valid EU Digital Covid Certificate in a "Coordinated approach to facilitate safe free movement" across Europe.
"This recommendation responds to the significant increase in vaccine uptake and the rapid roll-out of the EU Digital Covid certificate, and replaces the previously existing recommendation," a statement from the European Council says.
The update guidance, which was announced on Tuesday, stresses that "a traveler's Covid-19 vaccination, test or recovery status, as evidenced by a valid EU digital Covid Certificate, should be the key determinant" for travel within Europe moving forward.
Those who do not hold a digital certificate may be required to undergo a test no later than 24 hours after their arrival.
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Post found in /worldnews and /CertifiedNews.
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2022.01.26 08:00 EestiMentioned [/r/autotldr] Why Germany might be the West's weak link in the Ukraine standoff

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2022.01.26 08:00 NeekoDaGrappler Best mods to make sims4 more realistic/fun/harder?

I got into mods like a week ago and I have enjoyed it so much and even custom contents. I currently have MC command, UI cheat extension, basemental drugs/gangs, wickedwhims and slice of life. What are your favorite mods that I should try out that is in the realistic side of things?
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2022.01.26 08:00 Nitara0 Just venting about alcoholic mother

I'm (27F) very tired of my mom acting like a child. I'm tired of my attempts to rescue her, since I'm 6 years old. I'm tired of being there for her. She put her life at danger few times and I was there to rescue her, to be there with her. I was ready to give everything in order to make her less miserable in life. That's a mistake. It is useless. She is in her bubble of suffer, in her view she's the only victim. I'm so traumatized by her and her personality. Since I'm a child she brought up strangers to home and fucked with them. She didn't care that I'm at home, she didn't care that I may heard it and be traumatized. So many times I remember I've tried to say her something and I caught her fuck. It was so embarrassing to witness this situation unwillingly. Sometimes she fucked on my bed when I wasn't at home, it was so frustrating because of the smell they leave on my bed and some secretions. Some of those men that she was engaged with treated me like their daughter and then sexually harassed me. I've never told her out of shame and because I didn't want to make her upset. I've never felt safe at home with her, but on the other side I was too scared to quit this house because she made me believe that no one will ever be capable of loving me like she loves me.
I still live with her, she's not drinking at home anymore but she goes to vacations with her boyfriend. She doesn't love him, she fucks with him for money and she always drunk when she does it. She returns home with the familiar smell of alcohol, mixed with her sweat which is so triggering. I can't understand her logic. She always talk about how she wants an healthy relationship but she do the opposite.
She's generally kind and sweet and say that she loves me... that I'm her best friend but I feel like she's lying and faking it and isn't really capable of loving. I show her that I forgave her for the past and that everything is fine between us in order to keep the harmony and avoid conflicts but deep down I'm angry at her so much and I struggle to hide it, she also do so many things that trigger me and I'm very reactive because I'm traumatized. She lies a lot. And also gaslight me, I confront those attempts of her. I find it difficult to trust her word. I say her that I'm traumatized but it seems she doesn't understand nor care about it. When I'm angry at her because of some triggering shit she does or say, she treats me as if I'm the worst person in the world, the cruelest one. When I'm asking her to stop doing the things that triggering me she stops reluctantly and then keep doing the same things again after a while.
I want to leave this home but I can't rn. I don't have the money to leave and I have few pets that I can't leave here with her because she's bad at taking care of them. Those pets are got used to this home and I don't know how they will be in other place.
Anyway, now I'm trying to heal myself, I don't work and live on my savings. It's very hard for me to maintain a workplace, I can't do it for a long term, more than one year, but I must try. Once I'll find a workplace I save money and I'll try to move. I have to because otherwise I would suffer. I need to get out of here.
Meanwhile I'm trying to keep distance from her as much as possible and read a lot of information about healing, spend time doing my hobbies and talk to people online. But I'm worried about the future, especially my financial state in future. Because finance means freedom for me. I'm not free rn because I don't have the money to pay for my freedom nor therapy. It's all by myself. I believe I'll get out of here one day and be an healthy person. I don't feel like I trust her. I just can't. I can't live in deny that she is on my side anymore, because she's not. And never really was.
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2022.01.26 08:00 Rasa_Aggarwal Titanic jaisi iconic film ke liye aapko aur kaunsa sher yaad ata hai?

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2022.01.26 08:00 nanosecondreee It's so hot lemme ______

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2022.01.26 08:00 jesusvsaquaman “The national average APY on savings accounts is just 0.07%, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation” - CNBC

And that’s just the average, meaning there even lower ones. I’ve even come across people with 0.01% APY.
This genuinely makes me wonder why some people still think this is a good “passive income” when there a much higher double digit APYs in DeFi.
And a lot of them are actually very safe and non risky staking investments. Things like stablecoins staking are pretty safe along with platforms like AGFI similar ones that invest in multiple chains at once.
I get that some people genuinely don’t know that DeFi even is a thing, but those who do and still have a savings account… what are you thinking??
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2022.01.26 08:00 AdPutrid7096 Jemand pervers über Alisha schreiben?

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2022.01.26 08:00 casualcarlene Wonhyuk (E'LAST) - Chronograph (orig. VICTON)

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2022.01.26 08:00 Hortalez 1643194805 : ISOMORPHISMS

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2022.01.26 08:00 Silent-Plan7834 Manhwa similar to Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, Trash of the Count's Family and the S-Classes that I've Raised? Essentially "collecting allies and being powerful" WITHOUT an MC that curbstomps everything.

These are my favourite manhwa because they actually explore platonic bonds in wholesome ways. The less romance the better, but I don't mind. I do find the BL subtexts in all three of these pretty entertaining though. Just no OP lone wolves. I think Eleceed and Jungle Juice have similar vibes, if that helps.
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2022.01.26 08:00 19Morpheus91 CENN/BTC chart pattern comparison - algorithmic trading - NFA

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2022.01.26 08:00 Ping-Pong-1 How to watch Brumbies v Fijian Drua Live Stream 2022

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2022.01.26 08:00 Golden_Rickyy Episode 7

Shapes and Sizes : ZERO | WEBTOON Updates every Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays
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2022.01.26 08:00 ClutzX Congratulations! You magically now own Reddit, what is your first move?

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2022.01.26 08:00 reddeadredad Just chased a bear cub through the swamps. Does this happen often?

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2022.01.26 08:00 colllinsjie MovieBiz

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2022.01.26 08:00 AgentNo9999 Career / life path confusion!!!

I’ve worked in recruitment for 10 years (I’m 29). I’m good at it and I enjoy working in the tech industry because I find it interesting, but the job itself does not fulfill me and I don’t enjoy it anymore.
Although I assimilate well into the corporate world I define myself as more of a creative and “people” person and don’t foresee myself in a 9-5 or even a “regular job” long term. I crave a lot more freedom.
About a year ago, I got a new job in recruitment and the director of the company turned out to be really shitty person and was treating his team badly, stealing my ideas etc. Most people who own recruitment agencies are similar because it’s such a sales heavy job. Anyway after years of working for incompetent people like him I decided I would go self employed and open my own agency. The market is busy right now and it’s going well so far.
The problem is because it’s not fulfilling me it’s really really difficult to motivate myself to do the hard work and long hours it takes to run a successful business and I’ve been delaying important work.
I know it’s not what I want to be doing long term but if I can just work on it for a year or two max, I’ll have a really decent amount of money from it snd could sell the business or hire people to take over. The market is busy so getting clients is easier than ever and I’ve already had people approach me asking if I would sell and I know from peers that you can sell for a high price if you can prove ROI.
Over the past few years I’ve been doing tons of work on my mental health and self worth because of childhood trauma and I’ve managed to overcome some addictions, lose a lot of weight and generally improved my life in a huge way.
I can see these patterns in other people and I know I can help teach them the things that “clicked” for me and I have tons of ideas for things like workshops, retreats, social media etc to achieve this goal.
Because I know what I want to do, making myself work on this in the meantime feels near impossible and I’m paralyzed by a combination of being overwhelmed by the work involved and the learning how to run a business, and the fact it’s not what I enjoy.
I’ve always been in roles where everything is financially incentivized and competitive and if you’re good, you’re constantly rewarded for doing just your job.
I’m also the type of person who does things I’m naturally good at and I find it hard to adapt to the learning process of something totally new. I work hard but I’ve definitely taken the “easy” road and chosen things I know will be easy based on my natural skills.
Now that I’m going it alone and all of that is gone and there’s no security, I’m really really struggling to just make myself do the hard work that’s required. At first it felt like laziness but now it feels debilitating like I’m watching myself potentially ruin my life but I can’t do anything to stop it happening. It’s made me wonder if I have adhd because of how hard is to just DO what is needed. There’s so much to learn that I’m not good at yet and so many different elements to think about that I just get overwhelmed and step away from my computer.
Should I just cut my losses and do what I enjoy? But then how will I even afford to live and where do I start!
I want to make this work because I’ve got good ideas and connections, it could set me up for life and give me the freedom to do whatever I want without financial pressure and it won’t take long to get to that point but I can’t seem to get out of my own way.
Would appreciate advice from anyone! If you’ve owned a business or struggle with intense procrastination etc pls help.
TL;DR : I hate my profession and my business but it’s making me lots of money and I need to stick it out for a while to set me up financially but can’t stop procrastinating.
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2022.01.26 08:00 romain34230 Une console de jeu en préparation chez Apple ? Pas si vite…

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2022.01.26 08:00 byakuren-bot 「タカアンドトシ」タカ、新型コロナ感染 相方・トシはPCR検査結果待ち -

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2022.01.26 08:00 NtwanaGP Absolutely no one was Clowning this man, he was not called Lame or Cheap but these like this is worth smiling for

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2022.01.26 08:00 Annual-Pop-1560 Experience warmup

Do you earn experience during the warmup period before the game starts?
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2022.01.26 08:00 Nohan07 Avortement en Suisse : restons vigilantEs

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