Pep, Klopp, Tuchel have ushered in a new era of top-level tactical football

2021.12.07 05:43 Stobbart2327 Pep, Klopp, Tuchel have ushered in a new era of top-level tactical football

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Elite Level European football has reached a new era. The individual superstar has never been less important.
Tuchel, Klopp, Guardiola have turned the Premier League into the most tactically advanced in world football.
It’s always fun to debate what team is the best in Premier League history? Whether that’s in the pub with friends, on Twitter (less fun) or a subreddit online, we will have our own opinion on which side was the best, so whoever you choose; United’s treble winners of 1999, the invincible of side 2004, Mourinho’s Chelsea, United’s 2008 team or one of Peps City sides or Klopp’s Liverpool team, it is ultimately a subjective decision, underlying biases, personal preference and statistical data and you can make case for any one of those sides, whoever your choice is, some people will agree others will disagree. Alas, such is life.
What has become almost indisputable though, throughout the Premier League era, is that since Manchester United and Arsenal’s dominance of the nineties and early noughties, the Premier League has changed dramatically, tactically.
When Manchester United won the Premier League title in 1996, Eric Cantona played as the second striker behind Andrew Cole in a 4–4–2 formation for Alex Ferguson’s side, he was the connector and finisher for United, the attacks went through him, he scored fourteen goals for United that season in the league, Including netting six games in a row in a vital stretch between March and April as United beat Newcastle, Arsenal and Tottenham 1–0, thanks to Cantona’s goals.
In 2021 Cantona would be excepted to press from the font and work tirelessly defensively for the team. In 1996 nobody cared to ask such questions, Ferguson allowed him the freedom to stay up top and be United’s game-changer, just over a decade later Ferguson give Cristiano Ronaldo that same freedom as United won a treble of leagues titles and a Champions League. Ronaldo was instrumental for United, winning the 2008 Ballon d’Or. This season Cristiano returned to United, citing unfinished business, while his return has brought goals, his role within United’s system has been a constant topic of controversy. Olle Gunnar Solskjaer biggest struggle at Manchester United, before being dismissed, was implementing a system around Ronaldo and his lack of pressing, an identity on and off the ball.
The Ronaldo conundrum has become an endless barrage of think-pieces, radio rants, podcast debates and television soap operas, we got the answer to what happens when you put an Irish man and scouser in a room together and watch them argue – Roy Keane v Jamie Carragher encapsulated just out how silly the whole debate has become. (It was great TV!)
So how can a four-time Ballon d’Or winner, Champions League all-time top scorer and five-time champions league winner, be the problem? It’s not like Ronaldo’s form has fallen off a cliff, his goal-scoring remains elite, he has saved United countless times already this season with clutch goals. As for his inability to press, – Ronaldo has never pressed, not ten years ago, not today.
Put simply – the Premier League has evolved, drastically from the nineties, noughties and even then in the last decade.
The league began with traditional British tactics – flat lines, 4–4–2 formations, with an emphasis on physicality, set-pieces, second balls, traditional wide players and old fashioned number nines.
In the mid-two-thousands, Mourinho’s Chelsea side and Rafa Benitez Liverpool side introduced the use of the 4–2–3–1 formation, double pivots, low blocks, playing between the lines, with an emphasis on shape and discipline.
Pep Guardiola iconic Barcelona side (2008–2012) changed European football forever, clubs all over the world become obsessed with ‘Juego de Posicion – possession-based football built around false nines, technical midfielders, ball-playing centre-backs, sweeper-keepers and playing out from the back.
The Premier League elite took notice, moving away from the more defensive, pragmatic systems that had defined the first half of the two-thousands.
It was not until 2015 when Liverpool hired Jurgen Klopp that the Premier League got its first taste of ‘gegenpressing’ (counter-pressing to try and win the ball back immediately after you lose it, to try to always attack and outnumber the opposing ball owner with at least one man.)
A year later Pep Guardiola was hired by Manchester City and the current era of pressing and possession had arrived on our English soil. The rest is history; Man City have won three of the last four titles, breaking several records, including – hundred point season and an English treble of trophies. Liverpool then won the Champions League and Premier League titles (they’re the first title in 30 years) in back to back seasons. Liverpool at their best is a team in cohesion, pressing as one, in a swarm-like movement, where the whole team moves towards the ball, suffocating the opposition, and turning defence into offence.
When Liverpool signed Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, they were not seen as world-class superstars, but highly talented wide-players with untapped potential, Klopp turned the African duo into work horses and pressing machines through coaching on the training ground.
Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez are elite level operators, who would find a place in any squad in world football, yet for Manchester City and Pep they leave their ego to the side, they accept their roles, as cogs in the engine and know exactly how and when to press, counter-press and what patterns of passing and movements to make.
Thomas Tuchel won the Champions League with Chelsea without a renowned superstar attacker in his squad. Chelsea found a tactical identity under Tuchel using compact defending and quick transitions, smart, active, ball-orientated pressing, – again turning defending into a form of attack.
Managers need to coach, coaches need to manage, the two go hand in hand, it’s a symphony, in previous years, managers could afford one or two luxury players, who because of their brilliance in the final third, were given the freedom to coast on defence. Paris Saint Germain are perhaps the most pertinent example of all when it comes to being unable to get the best out of their superstar individual players.
PSG has been managed by two of Europe’s most modern, tactical forward-thinking coaches. Thomas Tuchel and now Mauricio Pochetino, both managers renowned for coaching high-press, physically fit, technically savvy sides. Yet at Paris with the superstar attackers, both managers have struggled to fit them into their playing style. If Neymar, Mbappe and now Messi refuse to trackback and press from the front, Paris is instantly at a numerical disadvantage. The most recent Champions League defeat to Manchester City was the perfect example of what happens when you play individual v collective in today’s game.
The most important man on a football pitch in top-level European football stands not between the lines, but on the touchline, this has become more and more evident over the past half-decade, as we’ve watched the Premier League become the dominant force in Europe. Look no further than the Champions League, in the last three years, there have been two all-English affairs in the finals Chelsea v Manchester City in 2020–21, Liverpool v Tottenham in 2018–19. You have to go back to the 2007–08 season for an all-English final before 2018–19.
Pep, Klopp and Tuchel are not identical in the way they set their teams up to succeed, all three managers have different philosophical ideas on how they perceive the beautiful game, yet there are certain fundamentals, each coach adheres to:
Playing a high defensive line, exploiting the opposition through the use of their full-backs, counter-attacking with speed, brilliant in possession, pressing intelligently in and out of possession and player or ball-orientated zonal marking.
All of these principles have one thing in common, it’s the collective over the individual. You need world-class players to have any chance of winning the league, you need a world-class manager, to make that a reality. Cristiano Ronaldo is not the problem, but his manager must put him in a position to succeed, where his extreme positives, lead to wins on the pitch.
Superclubs have to look beyond signing superstars first and fitting a coach in second.
To mirror the likes of City, Liverpool and Chelsea, in 2021–22 a manager who can coach a clearly defined system is more valuable than any 200 million pound player.
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I'm wondering whether anyone has ever drew the Sports SR (i.e. Luke 「Moment of Danger」,Marius 「Dance on the Clouds」,Vyn 「Gentleman's Game」& Artem 「Focus Fire」) through the Vision Draws?
I remember choosing my Luke SR from my first-time gem purchase, and since then, I have never got any of the SRs from these Sports line when doing a 10-pull, not even a dupe on my existing Luke card. I'm asking because aside from the buildable fragments one, and that one Artem card you get after some cumulative purchase, I have obtained all SRs and their dupes, sometimes to an excessive amount of times, (the amount of times I have received Autumn Dreams or Mercury in Retrograde dupes is probably enough to upgrade like 3-4 other cards to 5 stars lmao).
Yet, the other three Sports SR just continues to elude me. I just want to know if it is, in fact, possible to attain the Sports SR from Vision Draws and it's just me with the bad luck haha.
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2021.12.07 05:43 Boltshot117 We need to stop pretending Halo Infinite is a game with good Gameplay

From what I have seen on this reddit so far - most of the ongoing outrage is in regard to 343i missmanagement regarding customization and the lack of content in Halo Infinite.
Please just let me explain to you while there is a more fundamental problem regarding Halo Infinite which can't be changed anymore - the gameplay.
While you might so far enjoy yourself playing Infinite I noticed some flaws that previous games have snuffed out and should not be a concern anymore but for some reason are.
Let me start with the movement and visibility. For some reason Halo Infinite utilizes a few movement options we were first intruduced to in Halo 4 and later Halo 5. These for example are thruster, slide and clamber. I don't think they fit into the sandbox of Halo in regard to classic but also "modern" gameplay.
With slide you get an immense speedboost that forces you to constantly slide and jump in order to reach fair start spawns faster. That's something I also noticed in the new Battlefield 2042 and CoD Warzone. For me personally it looks absolutely stupid to be forced to move like that in order to reach power weapon spawns faster and is really annoying to do. Paired with the current itteration of the motion tracker (which for some reasons was shrinked to a radius of 18 meters instead of Infinite standard 30 meters) you often times end up getting smacked in the back from someone that just slid intro you reach and jumped onto your back. When you closesly pay attention to the map layout of every of those 10 Maps shipped with launch of the game, you will notice that in whatever room you are standing, you can't completely observe the movement within the room with your current tracker. When you turn its reach back to standard, it becomes easier but for some reason, 343 repeatedly manages to fail the concept of making players aware of their surroundings so that they can engage in a fair 1v1.
The second problem I have is that many maps feel like you have to navigate them with some sort of equipment in order to really have fun on them. This becomes a problem since those equipments are limited to certain spawns and thus in their quantity. Basar and Recharge are peak examples of my problem with that system. In Basar you now have a few spots next to the cafe that make it possible but still unbearably annoying to climb up. With the newly added orange air conditioner mounted to the wall (that completely looks out of place) you now can reach the inside of the Cafe in just three(!) jumps on which you always need to use the clamber animation. It's a spot that needed the utilization of the grappling hook in previous flights and is clearly meant to be reached that way but I'm not done. When you want to approach the rocket spawn from your team spawn position, you ultimately ran against the wall that is next to the stairs in order to clamber onto a path you can't clearly oversee with a FOV 78. Why use an FOV of 78 or less you ask? Because I wanna see my feet and its clearly the "intended" standard even though everything else is designed to be seen through a wider FOV. On Recharge we have several elevation points that requiere the chargeback(?) ability in order to boost yourself ontop the main floor if you don't want to die near the camo. Many places you can jump on can only be reached through the repeated use of clamber which always denies you the ability to shoot while reaching said position.
The new addition of visible timers added to weapon spawns is a big mistake which ultemately leads to less teamplay and more frustration. Time over time I have seen teammates or caught myself waiting for a weapon or vehicle instead of assisting the team in ongoing fights.
Assisting my teammates is a task that by the way feels very hard to impossible anyway since I never know what my teammates are doing. The indicator for their death is way too neglactable, I don't get a indicator when they are shooting or being shot at (since those are melted into one) and never find myself in a situation to corner an enemy because of a teammates help.
In Halo 3 I felt like some all knowing godlike entity because I could push my enemies in a triangular formation with the help of the little blue triangle that showed me the position of my teammates, showed me when they were shooting (triangle turning yellow) and showed me when they needed my help (triangle turning orange). All of these little nuances are gone. I now can ping... which often gets ignored or just vanishes behind layours of weapon and teammate outlines.
Another thing that needs to be changed but probably won't ever be fixed is the outline system. I don't understand how you guys are willing to compromize on enemy identification for an exploitive system that doesn't even contribute much to player customization. I don't accept that I might get into situations in which I might hesitate for a fraction of second because I can't figure out if the spartan in front of me is friend or foe and therefore die while the outline system is so bad that you can't even really tell if that player in your view has the color coating green, purple or grey. Just take a look at someone who has been shot at - you won't be able to tell any difference and I personally don't care what color my enemy uses, my only concern is how to kill him in the most efficient way possible.
I also feel like the weapon sandbox is complete and utter garbage. No weapon really makes fun to play with. The BR of course is the old school choice but even it feels odd in the current Weapon Sandbox. The BR currently when used perfectly (which isn't as hard as it is with other weapons) can kill 3 spartans within 1 magazin. The Pistol, AR and VK on the other hand can kill 1 spartan at max (without nades with fullshield) until they reached the end of their ammo capacity. Much of the current 1v1 dogfight movement boils down to excessive strafing (which is way to fast) and one of the spartans sucking less in a game that feels like it punishes you for trying to hit your enemies.
I've been playing Halo for it's 20 year runtime, been playing online since 07 and aquired the skills to kick some serious butt but cannot manage to kill two Spartans that stand right infront of me. Some people might think I'm just complaining because I just "can't get into the meta" or "just need to get gud" but I see no way in Infinite that the game gives me the possibility to outsmart or outplay two foes which just skill. It's impossible and it's frustrating and I don't know why they implemented the cap on the skill ceiling through a bad sandbox design, agitating visibility options and poor movement.
Speaking of sandbox, do you guys have fun using these floaty vehicles that have no weight and are way to fast in order to help you traverse a larger open (world) area that doesn't exist in cramped BTB maps?
Do you also get the feeling that a BTB game involving 24 players somehow feels less exciting than a 8v8 because of maps that segregate any action from accumulating on one point? I never experienced the madness like a BTB round on Sand Trap with choppers flying over me while a warthog gets stuck and 3 players chase after me in Infinite. Heck I don't even want to interact with most vehicles in Infinite because they just like a few weapons were robbed of their specialization so that 343i can yet again implement "new variations" of said vehicles.
What is a brute chopper that can't chop through vehicles? There will be another one with lazer blades attached as some leaks have shown. Why are there no fun elements on the map? Thos training ´targets on Pit Stop, Proximity Canons on Snowbound, Teleporters, that stupid illuminat on cold storage, fusion coiles that are usefull and have a presentation that is at least acceptable. A CONE THAT SPLATTERS YOU WHEN YOU SEND IT ABLAZE.
Have you ever had a real fun situation with equipment that didn't just revolve around you? Every equipment you use is for personal use only and doesn't affect the battlefield like a regen, bubbleshield or energy drain would. The few that try (motion marker) are just plain useless.
Infinite is not fun, it is not good, it has no content, is exploitive as hell, 343 is being shady as always and most importantly the gameplay is in no way better than it ever was or beyong anything 343 has achieved.
While I hate Halo 4 and its bullet magnitism, easy to use guns, straight up wall hacks etc etc - it's at least fun to shoot at people.
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Just got my first tank, a 37g, and whenever I try to research what would be best to clean it with I get results for tanks that have already been started and have fish in– mine is currently totally empty, and has never been used. What sort of glass cleaner should I use? I don’t want to shell out for something with a big name and brand if standard products will do the trick, and the store I’m frequenting has way too many options for my decision paralysis ass.
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