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Streaming weekly TI4 PoK session

2021.12.07 06:38 retryW Streaming weekly TI4 PoK session

Currently streaming our weekly session of PoK for anyone who feels like watching in.
This one's a 7 Player game with a fairly whacky map.
retryW - Twitch
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2021.12.07 06:38 babyevil333 purple talk

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2021.12.07 06:38 frank_oceans_alt Should I absolutely be avoiding older, used BMWs?

Okay so the situation is, I am a student who wants to buy his own car instead of constantly haggling his parents.. Since I work from home, and most of my university stuff is from home, this car actually won't be used that much.. I will use it just for random night drives around the city, field trips with friends, and for the few times that I actually need to get to university.. Now, I appreciate cars, and moreso, I appreciate good cars, so I don't really want to buy some honda, like people keep telling me to do, or something that I really won't care about.. Around the start of next year I will have around 10k eur saved up, and what I was looking at are e90s, e92s, f30s, preferably a 325i or a 328i, maybe a diesel? Under 200k km.. It's one of the only cars in this price range that I actually really like the look of, and as I said before, I don't want to spend so much money on something that I won't even like.. How much can I expect to spend on a car like this? Is it really as bad as people make it seem out to be?
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2021.12.07 06:38 nenny91 🌼 our next event explained : Reflection + Gacha items & pulls | Mercury design

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2021.12.07 06:38 Special-Finding6765 Happened to me on pc in pvp map rip

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2021.12.07 06:38 GrabApprehensive How do you move from fiction to non-fiction?

I mean, I know that you just grab a book and start to read it. But in my head, reading books was always connected with getting to know the characters, enjoying the plot, etc. However, I realize there's a ton of non-fiction books that I could gain a lot from. I just feel overwhelmed with the selection and variety of topics and stick to fiction books.
So how did you start reading non-fiction? How did you decide which books are right for you?
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2021.12.07 06:38 idiseo22 Side guards - deluxseatframeworks

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2021.12.07 06:38 Necessary-Tank198 📢We are excited to announce that BinaryCat now supports MetaMask

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2021.12.07 06:38 adilsec Say it louder for those in the back

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2021.12.07 06:38 gertinct 🐶 FlokiVengers 🐶| New Heroes NFT Token 💥 Marketplace & NFT Launch Incoming ✅ Doxxed Dev | BUSD Rewards | Join the Resistance! 🔥

Already launched🔥   
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🖼 NFT Design Preview on our Twitter Account   
✅Doxxed VC Dev   
The flokis dogs have decided to end the supervillains that plague the BSC, they have united the greatest heroes of the cryptoverse to face them and take a project to the moon.   
The most popular & funniest heroes on BSC🤩   
A good team behind, liquidity is blocked, and each time its unlocking approaches they block it again for even longer   
Tax fees:   
💥 6% MK ,we can fuel the most ambitious projects and reward our active community.   
🚀 1% LP   
💰 4% REWARDS to BUSD! ,every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold Flokivengers tokens, earn BUSD.   
📈 3% BUYBACK   
$HOLD Flokivengers and get BUSD💰   
🐶 Each transaction goes to a pool which will auto distribute the rewards.   
Lp Blocked🔒   
Do not miss the opportunity to join this gem🔥   
Future listings: CMC & CMC applied!   
💎 Our Contract: 0x6fa8616b10831dab8a4b48445bf05ea490d5cc77   
💎 Our Website: www.flokivengers.com   
Growing more every day, 4 weeks since its launch.   
Avoid scams and rugs and join a healthy community 🦸‍♂️
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2021.12.07 06:38 -LadyMara- How you like mature feet👀

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2021.12.07 06:38 MasterMoneyWaster The game should have unlockable customizations through achievements

For example, when you get overall 5,000 assists, you get a helmet. Then it would make some sense that there is a rarity in items.
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2021.12.07 06:38 BadaB00mBabay Секспросвет от Бабая:

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2021.12.07 06:38 LeGall2211 Just did a little cover of Easy by The Commodores, but more in the style of Sky Ferreira's version. If there is any comments or criticism I'm open to everything.

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2021.12.07 06:38 NewSkillsAcademics The CEO of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko interviewed at the Solana conference in Lisbon

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2021.12.07 06:38 pawn_king How Bad Is This Champions League Draw?

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2021.12.07 06:38 TheGamingCream True story

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2021.12.07 06:38 spookyhades007 Watch and share

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2021.12.07 06:38 SimonL237 Tea or Coffee?

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2021.12.07 06:38 marji80 How can the people who have seen the worst of Trump still think the best of him?

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2021.12.07 06:38 JustinCM1980 Marilyn, 1962. Taken by George Barris

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2021.12.07 06:38 Downtown-Cucumber-23 💏

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2021.12.07 06:38 Weak-Contribution-78 This might be consolation or even more depressing : Despite all of the current problems with Halo Infinite it is still better than the most recent battlefield and CoD releases. The AAA gaming space really shit the bed this year.

It really seems like if you were wanting to play a new FPS this year, no matter what you picked you were given some mixture of a buggy mess and horrible monetization models, and Halo is one that is actually kind of playable! We are so used to shit, piss is starting to look tasty!
Just look at Cod and Battlefield's subreddits. They dont even have working games on top of cancer monetization.
I think a lot of the problems y'all have with this game and 343 extend to most of the industry and even beyond it. Software as a Service is kind of cancer everywhere it appears and I dont really see a way of it getting better. Any form of boycott does not work since they only need a few whales to make it all work out. People think that just playing for free is what works, but that makes it appealing to whales, and it basically what these companies want from ya.
They will always lure you in with "good deals" and use that to ease you into paying more for less. That Xbox game pass subscription you got? It is part of the reason this game is like this. These things are all designed to get every single penny out of you.
I am excited for the campaign of this game, but even just paying for that is fueling this whole industry to keep doing what it is doing. It feels like every choice I make regarding video games, I kind of lose.
This is probably a garbled mess of a rant, but I feel very conflicted. At least Halo Infinite is playable enough for my group to enjoy, but like why is this the only game I can get everyone to play? Why is this what we settled on? I feel like my feelings are not uncommon either.
I would love to read some feelings on this. Compared to other new titles, how does Halo Inf stack up for you? What is keeping you playing Halo Inf compared to some older game?
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2021.12.07 06:38 Rayn_Youtube X gets a McLaren

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2021.12.07 06:38 _wife_of_thranduil_ Keanu Reeves in Black and white

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