2021.12.07 05:27 nitroted hello

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2021.12.07 05:27 Aggravating_Table247 MARSARMY

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2021.12.07 05:27 Salty-Dress-5517 Help

Anyone else's online not working? Can't do online draft, vs or trading, MADFUT22
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2021.12.07 05:27 Itsrepbaby METADOX MARKET CAP HITS $1.1 MILLION 🔥🔥🔥 7000X in since Launch 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.12.07 05:27 Sujith_Menon What porn sites allow you to search for taboo kinks as keywords like incest and cnc?

Most porn sites have banned keywords like incest porn and a few BDSM kinks. Eg:ph and xnxx. Which sites still allows such keywords?
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2021.12.07 05:27 Yoriwakitori That made me laugh.

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2021.12.07 05:27 genericuser017 Aphids eating my overgrown rocket instead of my peppers, Yes please

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2021.12.07 05:27 Truth__Machine "Craig Wright is Sun Tzu."

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2021.12.07 05:27 lss_bvt_and_10 LssTest-TextPost-66004

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2021.12.07 05:27 HyperspaceTrader I just realized.. If I'm in deep space and I have to go to the bathroom.. WHERE DO I PISS?!

I've been in HIP 23692 for several hours, and I can't find a starport with a public bathroom.
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2021.12.07 05:27 randomapple9 Is It Okay To Get My Covid Booster ?

Info- Female, 28, 5ft 6, 9st, Asthmatic, non smoker
Hi everyone! I'm due my covid booster on Friday but I currently have sinusitis! I'm still able to go about my day to day, I just feel pretty miserable! I'm wondering if its safe to get my covid booster when I'm not feeling well?
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2021.12.07 05:27 miller_girl Any events happening in December?

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2021.12.07 05:27 Mex_otaku Movie 24 question

Hey I know this question has been ask so many of time but what streaming site/ download site can I watch the movie in Hd and in really well translated English sub?
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2021.12.07 05:27 areyougettingityet Am I Really BPD

I’m (25M) wondering if I have BPD. I hate myself, and feel that no one likes me. I’ve always felt this way. And I always feel like everyone is mad at me or about to be mad at me. Jannies pls don’t delete this post. I guess I’m just tired of the way life is going an need a change. I’ve never been diagnosed with BPD, only ASPD and bipolar. But I strongly suspect I have it. I’ve been drinking and wanted to make a post as I can’t afford mental health care. What are some solid ways to tell if I really have BPD, as opposed to a misdiagnosis? I know there’s a lot of misconceptions in the medical industry, as psychs have told me only women can have BPD, but the distribution is really about 50/50. I forgot what else I was gonna say bc I’m also ADHD
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2021.12.07 05:27 Normal-Job7182 Megnutt Rub! Charming naked muse...!!!

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2021.12.07 05:27 tandavaaum Evidence in research paper confirming my hypothesis that Post Covid Syndrome acquired after recovering from Covid-19 shares biomarkers and multi-system, multi-symptom illnesses in common with ME/CFS an CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).

I had developed severe and identical symptoms as reported as many here after exposure to a water damaged building from which I suffered environmental exposure. I am attaching a link to an explanation of and attached peer reviewed research paper if anyone is interested. It is a bit technical but it fits my understanding with how Post Viral Syndrome’s including Post Covid Syndrome and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) or Chronic Fatigue are related.
Additionally, I believe I have Covid the first March and my issues worsened. My suspicion and understanding agrees with research showing biomarkers employing transcriptomic analysis of PCS patients as well as those with CIRS having previous exposure to endotoxin from bacteria or other sources. The thought post Covid-19 infection started a chronic inflammatory cascade effecting primarily persons with previous environmental exposure to water damaged building or biotoxins. The metabolic processes and biomarkers described in this peer reviewed and publised research article compelling and likely to hold some answers that I hope may help someone.
Most importantly one would do well to resolve their chronic inflammation from post viral illness soon as possible. In my case it took years for me to research and get the proper NeuroQuant MRI and follow the detox protocol and support the immune system. I likely sustained irrecoverable structural damage due to the years untreated and I hope the science and research funding is approved to validate the findings and provide new therapies.
There is a test you can take on your computer for free called a Visual Contrast Sensitivity test if you wanted a low/no cost way to screen yourself as the VCS Test can identify inflammation in the amygdala which is associated with biotoxin illness, CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and now PCS. The test can be found at VCStest.com. You may Email them to ask for a free test or donate $10.
While I am still digesting the paper and tracking down additional research by experts who contributed to the paper in order to better understand what protocol or interventions will be successful for fully recovering.
If anyone finds the information helpful I would be happy to hear back. As medical research article, some biology background may be helpful.
Note: This link is to the page where the research article is free to download after the primer.
Treatable metabolic and inflammatory abnormalities in Post COVID Syndrome (PCS) define the transcriptomic basis for persistent symptoms: Lessons from CIRS
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2021.12.07 05:27 Thumbs_up_101 Please don’t forget 👂orders above 👆35$ 👍 17% off Coupon ❄️ SNOWY21 get 12% off + Reward BERRY10 get 2-5% off 👁 image for more details 🤗 thank you so much

Please don’t forget 👂orders above 👆35$ 👍 17% off Coupon ❄️ SNOWY21 get 12% off + Reward BERRY10 get 2-5% off 👁 image for more details 🤗 thank you so much submitted by Thumbs_up_101 to YesstyleReferralCode [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 05:27 j24fraley Ruby vs. Hope

I wonder what the significance of Ruby being the one to keep the video playing after the “brawl” she had with Hope. Any thoughts on this? It just seemed kind of odd to me that she hadn’t really been in an episode since France and then she follows Hope to the av room (idk if that’s the right term for it), basically cat fights her and then that’s the scene.
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2021.12.07 05:27 TheThirteenShadows My friends, the spiders

I remember the first time I saw my friends.
They were huge, with eight legs that skittered down the floor. The sound always sent my hair on edge, each strand of midnight-black keratin attempting to claw itself out of my skin.
Their eyes were beady and small, eight in number. They all had a distinctive glint to them, unobstructed by the darkness that surrounded their white orbs. They were black, and hairy. I still get shivers down my spine when I recall the time I first touched them. I had been shivering violently in my bed, the blankets taken by my younger siblings to their other room, leaving me alone for what felt like eternity. I was only eight at the time.
They sensed my sorrow, as I wept while my parents fought outside savagely. The screams echoed down the halls and I could faintly hear the sound of plates shattering on the floor of our barely liveable home. A place of wintery darkness and savage, unyielding cold. They climbed down, each vibration on their silken webs sending stabs of primal fear into my thundering heart.
Blood gushed throughout my body as adrenaline filled my veins, enough to paralyze me so greatly that I could not muster the strength to whimper, let alone run or scream. I remember feeling myself shrink in the presence of those giant abominations, huge both in size and number.
Every single hair on my head rose to staggering height when they first approached. I wanted to shake my head, but I was afraid the slightest movement would trigger something. So, I lay there, pathetic and afraid. But they did not want to hurt me. They brushed up against me, and I heard a bizarre sound, which reminded me of a drum, but higher-pitched and more resonant. It seemed to follow a kind of rhythm, and they were dancing around me. Some skittered towards me, their huge, spindly legs creating soft noises as they advanced, like predators preparing to pounce.
But they only wanted to protect me, that much I realized shortly after they began to climb onto my skin. Their soft, scarce hair warmed me, sending me into a fit of ticklish laughter I fought hard to contain. My pulse slowed, and I slowly allowed the drumming beat to soothe me to sleep.
They were not there when I woke up, which is why I disregarded my experience as a comforting dream. Just a dream. That is, until I saw my friends again. They were hiding, but I always caught a glimpse in my periphery. A shadow when I was alone, a blur of black that sped away on sight.
They scared me, that much I will admit. At first, I feared the spiders. But later on, I began to slowly understand. The truth gradually solidified in my mind. The spiders were my friends. They protected me. And I would protect them.
Sometimes my mother would find their webs. They were colossal things, measuring well over a few meters. She would constantly crash into them, silvery translucent strands catching themselves in her hair and across her pale skin. She would screech, black, curly hair infested with intricate designs and patterns. Sometimes they even got in her eye, it was not a nice sight. She was tall, like me, and that was not the only thing that I inherited from her, but it was one of the things that made it much harder for her, especially, to avoid such traps. She would contact exterminators, and every time I would find some way to save my friends. Breaking canisters, pouring water onto delicate machinery, anything to save my friends from their fate.
Soon the company stopped answering her calls entirely. It seemed like every trip to our house was doomed to end in disaster. I was happy, for my friends were safe and sound. That was all that mattered to me. I was a lonely kid, no one wanted to play or talk or even touch me. But I was fine with that. I had my friends already. The spiders were the only things I needed.
I remember the day they first showed me the true extent of what they could do, and would do, for me.
It was a particularly terrible day. I had failed a test in seventh grade, and so my mother began lashing out at me. She began to scold me, and I remember crying, both from shame and sadness.
I had also scraped my knee while playing that day, and it burned as if swarms of bullet ants had bitten into my skin, drawing blood.
That night, the spiders were there again. They came to me, as I cried and cried. They warmed me, and I barely noticed as they began to spin their webs around my skin. The stinging slowly began to cool down, the burning faded and vanished entirely. Only when I woke up, did I notice the webs.
They had used their webs to stitch my wounds shut, and I realized with a start that the cut had nearly healed. In the span of a few short hours, the webs had sealed up all of my external injuries, and quelled the bleeding.
My mother vanished afterwards, and a whole search party was led to find her, consisting of several of my father’s friends and their spouses, alongside a few of their children. But they never found her. The only thing they could recover was her watch, stained with blood, and soft, white silk.
I was saddened, of course. Me and my mother fought often, but we always made up afterwards and I did truly love her. It felt like a blow to my heart, but I knew my friends were only trying to protect me.
That was not the only the spiders had turned into monsters to “save” me, and it was on another occasion that I saw what had happened to my mother. It was a stormy night, and fog rolled past our quiet, obscured home. To add on to that, it was dark beyond measure, with drops of rain trampling the earth wherever it fell. Thunder and lightning filled the sky with their glorious battle, ripping the heavens apart.
I awoke with a start; the downstairs’ window had shattered. There were not many trees near my house, and the wind, howling it may be, did not have the strength necessary to uproot a tree enough to send it crashing into our neck of the woods. That only left my fifteen-year-old mind with one conclusion.
Someone had just snuck into our house.
My siblings, and my father, had both driven off to meet a family friend. I was all alone, being sick and scrawny.
My eyes widened, as I realized what would happen next. I saw the ripples of darkness as the lightning illuminated the writhing shadows. The spiders were already preparing their assault.
I sped down, cautious of where I stepped as to not accidentally squash my friends. I felt dizzy, for some unknown reason, and my vision blurred at times. Wide-eyed and still half-asleep, I watched in horror. What I saw next was so gruesome, the image is forever carved into my mind.
It was a man, smiling maniacally. His eyes were wide and his teeth were a pearly white, clean and clearly visible in his face. It was as if his skin had been ripped open to allow for such an unnerving expression, it terrified me to see it. He rushed towards me, brandishing a gleaming knife, when he stopped. His eyes widened, and in an abrupt flash of lightning, I finally saw his smile fade. He turned, and scrambled to escape. But the spiders had already surrounded him. He tripped, and they skittered away as he fell before clawing at him with sharp, bony legs. Blood splattered all over my body, but I barely registered it as they opened their pincers. Drops of scalding hot venom trickled onto the man’s skin, hissing like a chemical burn. They made quick work of him, each spider stealing a piece of flesh from his body until all that was left were splinters of bone and a bloody knife.
I felt weak in the knees, and my legs buckled over. I fainted, and woke up the next day.
I never told anyone what had happened. Who would believe me?
Besides, the spiders only did it because the man was about to hurt me. I knew that if they had not been here, I would have died. I owed them for that, at least.
The reason I am writing this now is because…well, I’m scared. Freaked out even. My heart is thundering like so many years ago, and I fear what is going to happen next.
I am now twenty-one years old, and a few days ago the spiders led me to an old, dilapidated mansion. I at first did not know why they were taking me there, but they had never hurt me before. Why would they do it now? I trusted them. They were my friends, after all.
I followed my friends into the woods. It was a sprawling forest that stretched for miles before I finally found the coveted prize. A mansion, the paint peeling off like skin. The grass was over-grown beyond measure, and the sky was overcast with a gloomy shadow over it.
I heard the spiders skittering past, but faster. It seemed they were nervous of something, but I had no idea what. I reached out to reassure one particularly unnerved friend, but it recoiled, as if struck.
I wonder now if they were just worried about what was to come next, or truly remorseful about this. I personally believe the former, despite my yearning for the latter to be true. I still weep at the betrayal, and it created a gaping void in my heart nothing can fill.
I was confused, at first, my mind was a foggy mess. I had been sick for a while now, doctors said it was some rare genetic disease I had likely inherited from one of both of my parents. Though I could never recall any of my parents or extended family experiencing anything like my own symptoms, it was the only reasonable explanation. My stomach was so bloated that I feared it would burst.
I realize now how foolish I was, so naïve. It was my foolishness that brought me into this terrifying mess.
I turned around to leave, a bit creeped out by the surroundings, only to nearly walk into a thick mess of webs all strung together. I was confused, and then scared. I looked around to see the spiders, they were all staring at me, unmoving. I walked towards them, when suddenly, I fell. My hair reached the ground first, and I felt it fall into something wet. They had spilled something all over the floor, something slippery. I fell unconscious on the spot.
When I woke up, it was inside one of their webs. I had spent enough time around these to know that these particular spiders had a web that held a deceptively huge amount of tensile strength, enough to make any bridge’s supports green with envy. Their webs, once spun, could easily hold many tons of pressure without snapping, and could easily survive any effort on my end to escape. I looked down, and barely fought the urge to scream as I realized what was happening to me. They had somehow put me into a kind of state where I could not feel pain, and so was not conscious of the gaping wound that had housed millions of tiny spiders that now crawled down my legs in thousands of tiny swarms.
I had never seen their young before. I never wondered why, but now I knew the truth.
They were never protecting me. They were protecting their young. Memories and images flashed across my mind. I remember the day my illness began. That day, a few weeks before my mother’s disappearance, the spiders had dispersed, but there was a plate of food on the door. Sometimes my mother would leave plates of food for me before she left, as an olive branch of sorts after a particularly bad row that often involved me going to my room in a rage. It was childish, we fought over my curfew and other silly little things.
Feeling a bit bad about fighting over such a trivial thing, I ate it, but barely managed to stomach a mouthful before putting it away. It tasted…strange. That was when I noticed the translucent orbs that were hidden in the food. Tiny, soft orbs that seemed to have something inside of them.
I was unsettled, and for a moment even considered that the spiders might have something to do with it. Of course, I was right, but in my naïve mind I thought the spiders were only there to protect me. It had been a conclusion solidified in my mind decades ago, and so I did not question it. I threw the remainder of the food out, and began my day.
I chuckle at my stupidity in my final moments.
Somehow, I am not dead yet. I do not know how, but I have a suspicion. They stitched my wound up with webs and it is healed entirely, with only a narrow scar to show for it.
The reason I am posting this is because I am still trapped. I managed to squirm enough for my phone to land in my hand, and now I am typing using voice-controls. Modern science really is the best.
I am typing this as a warning. The spiders have many more mouths to feed, and the deer in the woods do not seem to be cutting it for them anymore. They have even resorted to cannibalism, but I know there is a reason they kept me alive. I know that is a reason why more than a few are stopping by my room, halting to stare at me with those small, predatory eyes.
I know I will die soon, I am terrified of what is coming next, so I leave this warning to you.
Never trust the spiders.
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2021.12.07 05:27 PixelatedXenon How many hours do you guys play per day?

And do you spend most of your time AFKing or doing active things, Such as PVM?
View Poll
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2021.12.07 05:27 FennelComplete Perc

I have a question unfortunately my tolerance for M box 30s has gone up I don’t usually jam as I did before my question is, is it safe to take a M box 30 mg and a half of another 30
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2021.12.07 05:27 Flobbierwastaken n0rm of north

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2021.12.07 05:27 BigVanVortex Thurston Tattoo Breakdown

Can you locals (6 yr transplant here) give me a breakdown of the tattoo shops in the area and their "vibe" and whatever style they usually work with? I've been wanting to get something new but don't know which ones are reputable and which ones to avoid avoid avoid! Thanks dudes
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2021.12.07 05:27 Special-Ad7191 What am I not getting about?

Those cock caging apparatus’ ? What are they what is the point of putting your Connie (don’t steal my cock name) on probation? I’m not sure I’m swag surfing this trend !! If you feel like it … please tell me what it’s all about? Please ?
Sidebar; if you feel the need to attack me for this opinion that I have the right to own I do not care
Side sidebar; I saw a sub that was discouraging people from using dog cages DOG CAGES can you see where I’m about to go with this?
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