Oh no

2021.10.20 18:56 Its_BaconMaster Oh no

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2021.10.20 18:56 Yehoshua_Hasufel What advice do you suggest a Reddit Novice who just made his or her account?

Who would that be? That'd be me.
I made this account last month, in September 2021.
I have some doubts about this whole fascinating ordeal, whose videos on YouTube are more addictive than some TV shows.
I hope I have plenty of interactions and read interesting things.
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2021.10.20 18:56 Sweeth_Tooth99 Signal transfer by induction

Taking a look at the inductor in the picture, have a question, can i just solder the coax copper wire without any bending to the metal plate or would i need to bend the copper wire to match the frecuency wavelenght being used? https://http2.mlstatic.com/D_NQ_NP_936297-MLV42183338111_062020-O.webp
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2021.10.20 18:56 wookieeboogie I (4’11”) work for a video game company and have a costume contest coming up for Halloween. What video game character should I cosplay as?

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2021.10.20 18:56 atlantis_0412 Improving the driving culture

We don't have the best quality roads, but having lived in a few cities across India and Europe, I believe our road infrastructure isn't that bad (at least in the urban areas). We could have a much smoother, faster and safer transit with a better driving culture. Drivers sticking to speed limits (not driving above or below) and following strict lane discipline could replace our unsafe overtaking practices for good. Waiting behind one another in a congestion will move the stuck traffic faster than when we shove our vehicles into the tiniest gap possible. Not to mention the thousands of deaths on the road reach year. Our KSRTC drivers who are professionals, are supposed to be setting a model for the others, yet they are the ones who drive recklessly. The list goes on. What can we do to improve this situation? Could offering strict certification programs for driving schools and making it mandatory that every driver who appears for a driving test has gone through professional training make a difference in a decade or so? How can we get the authorities to make a difference?
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2021.10.20 18:56 TheMightyBruhhh Hackers?

Had a few rounds and our whole squad heavily invested into our hordes and mobbing zombies… just for no zombies to spawn on enemy rounds, on our rounds they spawned just fine. Hacking or a terrible glitch?
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2021.10.20 18:56 AnnaBananner82 sMaLL pUppY mAuLEd bY pOLaR bEaR! (Ft. Abby the GP and Zeus the English Bulldog puppy)

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2021.10.20 18:56 Pooptreebird Asked for a raise today...

I got bumped into a construction foreman position this year...I already made decent money doing labor. He gave me a van and $0.60 raise originally...0.60!!! 😐i have been slaving away....doing very profitable jobs and making him lots of money. I finally worked up the courage today to ask for a big boy raise of 28% bc I was doing foreman work and thats what they make in my area...he left then comes back later barely trying to counter my offer..he offered a few xtra vacation days and like 5%...all while playing the victim like "oh you sprung this one me" dude you made me a foreman where is my big raise!!! Greedy ass...theres more shit he said i just cant rn..ugh! Sorry this wasnt extremely coherant. Just kind of livid
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2021.10.20 18:56 Snoo_15465 Catfish skeleton

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2021.10.20 18:56 Superfox139yt what the fuck did I here

I was laying down all TVs off until I heard someone breathing hard really fast I’m home alone this I not a myth either after the breathing I heard a door SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON
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2021.10.20 18:56 mr7ender

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2021.10.20 18:56 Jadofsky The Squeeze Is The Play! Not The Dividend! BUT I HAVE A QUESTION!

So the Form 10 day is set for 10/25 which makes the shareholders on record on 10/27. Does this mean that shorts will be on record come 10/27? If this WAS the case, would the pressure for shorts to exit not be set for next Wednesday?
Looking for any feedback and insight on my thoughts!
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2021.10.20 18:56 kuynernews HAchubby - Medium well done please

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2021.10.20 18:56 Spectario European racial bias against South American football

Hello all,
First of all for not being able to speak Portuguese. My parents are of Brazilian descent, but I was born and grew up in a Western country and never was taught the language.
I want ask your opinion on this phenomenon that I have been experiencing lately, which is racial bias against South American football competitions. In particular, I have found many Europeans that I discussed with to devalue the Copa America and South American football quality in general.
In this European narrative, the Europeans claim that the Copa America is not competitive. They say it's a joke league and that friendly games competitions like Nations League and Euro's qualifiers are more worth than the Copa America.
However, to my opinion this feels like they just racially discriminate and devalue South Americans. Why do they never have problems with taking the same South American players playing in the Copa America to European clubs? And let me not start with discussing that UEFA has nations like San Marino, Gibraltar, Lichtenstein etc that are smaller than many cities in South America.
I'm wondering how I can convince the Europeans who say stuff like this that their opinions are racially biased and devalue South Americans based on ethno-geographical lines. I've tried explaining it to them but they usually just ignore it and restore to ''no, Euro's are superior.''
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2021.10.20 18:56 CorruptedDreamsXx Would this be fair for 3 NFR giraffes?

NFR shadow, 2x ride only frost dragons, r only giraffe
Probably not but it’s worth a try.
If anybody knows what type of pet/pets I should add lmk!
View Poll
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2021.10.20 18:56 -chaotic-good- 4 years old calls police emergency number to invite police to see his toys.

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2021.10.20 18:56 venomraven54678 Invite me to any giratina raids

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2021.10.20 18:56 ninja__77 What is S(X) in this question?

i know how to solve the question but I don't understand what the value of S(X) should be. e.g in the (a), is S(10) = S(y)/100, where y = 10?
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2021.10.20 18:56 TanTan_101 Fred Heatmap is insane

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2021.10.20 18:56 GuaranteeDefiant Advice for being DBO?

So, in Tech, I am a DBO for 9 aisles, ranging from the Apple case, prepaid phones, speakers, tablet accessories etc. and was wondering if anyone had extra advice for managing workload, my main focus is always on the Apple case and accessories but never feel like I can finish my whole section on a daily basis, sfq, 1f1’s, sets, Audits etc.
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2021.10.20 18:56 Takehiko_Dai [For Hire] Anime commissions, to make character designs, oc etc, from a sketch without color at $ 15 to full color and full body at $ 25 || DM me if you are interested

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2021.10.20 18:56 Odd_Statistician3935 Chicas de zona sur

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2021.10.20 18:56 squdrawz Dragon maid 🖤🖊

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2021.10.20 18:56 tiny-vampire egg_irl

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2021.10.20 18:56 katieidk What’s the best site for Apple products?

I’m looking to DNA an iPad (under $800). I’m curious if it would be easiest to get it directly from Apple or to get it from Amazon, Best Buy, etc.?
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