I had the opportunity of a lifetime and didn’t take it, feeling insane amounts of regret.

Manuel Franco, a 24-year-old Wisconsin man who won the third largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history, a $768.4 million prize, said he “can’t believe that an ordinary guy like me could ever win ... I enjoyed every moment this game had to offer and cried at the end..like I mean it's hard not to it was such a beautiful game lol. Anywho if you haven't played this game yet i definitely recommend you should when you have the time, you won't regret it :) 10/10 game and I'm excited to see what else you have in store for us in the future :D In contemporary American poetry, all roads lead to Patricia Smith.Look, maybe some of y’all are content with unproductive detours, lyric byways, and formal parking lots, but I’m a writer and a reader who wants to go to where the action is. Patricia Smith is that mecca, that metropolis, that neon city shining atop a jet-black hill. Two female coworkers take possession of my cock. BDSM 08/30/17: Making Him Happy (x.xx) Melanie is going to make her boyfriend a very happy guy. Erotic Couplings 03/23/19: Melanie's Miscalculation (x.xx) A drum line story of one girl, eight guys, and a wager. Group Sex 08/03/21: Natalie is a Work of Art: 4 Part Series Losing a bet forces a teacher to take the worst job possible. NonConsent/Reluctance 12/22/18: Harnessing Magic (4.40) Two Sorceresses have to do anything to get out of town. BDSM 12/25/18: Inducement (4.71) A seedy Private Investigation firm offers a uniquely service. BDSM 08/09/20: Jogging for Fun and Exercise (4.72) Like this is it, its always going to be gloomy almost like i cant breathe, i have had a mental health support team and i feel asif up until a couple of years ago they used to listen but now when im saying to them i think im depressed or im having a bad week or im angry at this and that person they turn a blind eye to my situation bearing in ... In April, 2021, we reported that Minecraft had nearly 140 million monthly active users.It seems that momentum has impossibly managed to sustain and even grow since then, with Minecraft boasting over 141 million monthly active users in Aug. 2021. That means the number of people that actively played Minecraft just in Aug. approached and even surpassed the number of copies sold by some of the ... The latest news in entertainment from USA TODAY, including pop culture, celebrities, movies, music, books and TV reviews. This stalled at #103 in February 1981, but when MTV launched that August, they played the video a lot, giving the song much more exposure. David Byrne's choreography in the video was done by the Toni Basil, who had a hit as a singer with "Mickey."It was a very odd video, and for many viewers it was the first look they got at the Talking Heads (or at least Byrne - the full band didn't appear in ... I think I had a past life dream a few weeks ago. I didn’t see myself or what I was wearing, but I was hiding in a field and I was scared. There were men looking for me, their style clothing looked to be about from the 1880s. One of them found me and I have never been more terrified in my life.

2021.10.20 19:50 throwaway71036 I had the opportunity of a lifetime and didn’t take it, feeling insane amounts of regret.

Recently got broken up with by my girlfriend of 5 years. After weeks of us talking she actually told me yesterday that she may be able to make it work. The chance every person who has ever been dumped dreams of getting. I don’t know what happened but in that moment I froze and said we should think on it. I hesitated. I can’t believe I did that. Now the chance is gone forever. I hate myself.
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2021.10.20 19:50 That-Broke-Guy- Looking for a Diablo 2 nightmare rush. Im a level 36 hammer paladin. I play on Xbox one. Please msg me if you can get me through it. Thank you.

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2021.10.20 19:50 peachypeonies I miss my son

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2021.10.20 19:50 GoldenGearsYT Lost my 2FA and nicehash won't reply to my emails

Hi everyone. I got a new phone and forgot to back up my 2fa codes. I can't find my emergency code either. Nicehash won't reply to my emails I send them to try and get access to my account. Anyone got any ideas on how to get back in?
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2021.10.20 19:50 ShortAlgo $EVCM Waiting for Short signal on EVCM https://t.co/qbbIUMzbDx

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2021.10.20 19:50 EdwardTheGamer Hiveon earnings

Why are Hiveon earnings so low? They have a 0% fee rewards system but other pools seem more profitable...
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2021.10.20 19:50 aaarcoiris Jujuuu

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2021.10.20 19:50 nygpappa2 Adirondack Hiking equivalent of a ski house?

Hi all Adirondack hikers - I hope you all had an amazing summer! My last time in the ADKs was 2015 when I hiked Algonquin with a couple of high school kids who brought me along as their chaperone (I'm middle aged). Took a geographic and mental detour and this summer finally got my legs back post covid and had a great summer on the AT and local trails in CT. I'm in a position now where I am free to hike every other weekend and thinking about next year. Does the concept of a 'ski house share' exist in the ADKs? I understand it's tough on parking and permits so do folks pool together to plan and make things happen? Do things like every other weekend shares exist? If so how do I find them? Any help greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.20 19:50 ShortAlgo $EQX Waiting for Buy signal on EQX https://t.co/l8fXdiWpyb

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2021.10.20 19:50 rodjbeerventures Hop Butcher Elder Secrets Of An Ancient Past DIPA Beer Review

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2021.10.20 19:50 ShortAlgo $ESPR Waiting for Short signal on ESPR https://t.co/fCDFYfbUVg

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2021.10.20 19:50 Apollexis Let us declare war on individual guilds, regardless of faction, so that when we PVP flag, we are both red to each other in world.

This kind of system will be the only way that I think you can fix the balance issue of factions. If individual guilds can create their own little alliance of guilds, then they can fight opposing players in their own faction and keep PVP interesting.
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2021.10.20 19:50 totallytonyasvlogs Big Brother 23 Houseguests Accused of Reverse Racism against the White Houseguests

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2021.10.20 19:50 ANOTHERLUMP My sleepy boy tucked in

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2021.10.20 19:50 Diggit1971 Is it true that vehicles in Norway do not come with a spare tire? I have a friend that just moved there and she said they come with snow tires.. No Jacks or lug wrenches. 😳 ( I'm in the north east USA)

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2021.10.20 19:50 ThundernLightning308 Using Kuva when unveiling a Riven to guarantee the Riven will be for the weapon its equipped on.

So would it be a good feature if we could put in Kuva, say 25k, when unveiling a Riven so the Riven would be for the weapon we equipped it with and putting more Kuva in would allow the Riven have the max MR possible depending on our MR. Basically having the option to choose the weapon the Riven is for.
For example, a MR20 player puts in the Kuva and the Riven would be a MR16 Riven instead of a MR11 Riven. And a MR9 player would get a MR9 Riven but would spend less since there are only two MR options.
And for example the MR9 player equipped the Riven on Lenz and wanted a Riven for Lenz, by spending 25k Kuva, the Riven will be a Lenz Riven instead of a random weapon. Then looking at the MR20 player, that player puts an unveiled Riven on a weapon from either a Lith or a Sister weapon, however since more and more weapons are being added the chances of getting the Riven for that weapon are lower. So by adding 25k Kuva, it guarantees the Riven will be for that weapon.
Since Rivens are genuinely used for endgame builds, would this be a good feature or would it ruin the Riven market?
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2021.10.20 19:50 CryHavoc3000 What are your favorite Jokes, Limericks, and Inappropriate uses of Spells?

Hokus Pocus - this ain't no Jokus.
Abra Abra Kedabra - I wanna reach out and grab ya - verbal component for Mage Hand?
So what Jokes or Limericks to describe or activate Spells or Inappropriate uses of Spells have you come up with or have seen?
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2021.10.20 19:50 Defiant-Ad3488 **($2)** i got carlie’s full dropbox and jadeteens mega, message me

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2021.10.20 19:50 alxledante La Llorona, me, 2021

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2021.10.20 19:50 kikimaru024 [RocketJumpNinja] Top 5 gaming mice to help improve your aim in 2021 (most recommended)


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2021.10.20 19:50 JenniferKQ Why can't we all just get along?

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2021.10.20 19:50 Sandvi AITA for calling the cops when a serious crime took place?

I (300 F) called the cops when someone committed a crime. I know I'm NTA but I just need validation from strangers on the internet.
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2021.10.20 19:50 JunjinNito feeling very pretty in my new corset !!

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2021.10.20 19:50 IrishWake Quarter Size Wooly in Memphis, TN

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2021.10.20 19:50 Humanbroh Super fan episode

So just wondering if anyone knows if there will be any more episodes it’s gotten to the point that I watch the first three seasons as the super fans episodes and then the regular ones after season 3 but listening to the office ladies podcast I know that the deleted scenes in season 4 are hilarious
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