Console edition problem

2021.10.20 20:38 Bobby-Biracial- Console edition problem

It lets me join my friends game but after about 5-6 minutes it kicks me out CONSISTENTLY is this happening to anyone else?
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2021.10.20 20:38 DangersX Saw some people asking bird comp without Margaret and Brunhild managed to do one de tail in comment

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2021.10.20 20:38 Niliame Pea Coat identification

I just got myself a pea coat and would love to get some help to identify it!
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2021.10.20 20:38 Tropiux Apex S11 Battle Pass or something

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2021.10.20 20:38 deepfriedshaggy A joke for you.

I'll never forget my Granddad's last words to me just before he died. "Are you still holding the ladder?"
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2021.10.20 20:38 Overall-Stop-3864 Stop the ponzi scheme

Apes currently are most probably holding the entire float multiple times. As we've seen from the SEC report SHFs may go on creating IOUs indefinitely as long as they can borrow shares and sell IOUs.
$GME is currently a ponzi scheme, the SHFs need more and more buyers to come in to provide the cash to keep the scheme going.
As soon as buyings stops, yes the price will initially drop, but the MMs and SHFs cash inflow will dry up instantly.
Without new cash coming in, to buy more IOUs, they won't be able to borrow more shares. They also won't be able to service the cost of already borrowed shares. The borrowers will want their shares back and that will trigger MOASS.
Even if the entire float is registred with Computershare, as long as they can borrow more shares and sell more IOUs they will continue this ponzi scheme.
To stop the pozi scheme is to just HODL the entire float and stop trading. Do NOTHING, no buying, no selling, just HODL, watch and wait for borrowers to recall their shares and MOASS to start.
I am not giving advice, everybody must do their own DD and make their own investment decisions.
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2021.10.20 20:38 ayee_lmaooo Anyone know how to get around a ban?

Tried sending an appeal and Psyonix has yet to answer. I’m getting fed up with this trash company. Lookin for any solutions at this point.
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2021.10.20 20:38 _-Irene-_ 100 gecs be like be fans be like

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2021.10.20 20:38 snuggly_love Help with tyt md-uv390

Trying to set this up to listen to scanner frequencies. But can not for the life of me figure it out. Any help would be appreciated thank you.
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2021.10.20 20:38 WorldlyKing8523 Oakland Coffee Question

Does Green Day sign any of the bundles from Oakland Coffee? Because of course my friend who just started listening to Green Day in comparison to me who’s been a fan my whole life, ordered the BBC session bundle from them and seemingly all Billie, Mike, and Tre signed his paper in sharpie. At least it looks real. I’m literally fuming tbh💀
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2021.10.20 20:38 58Yearsold Landscape Drone videos - Does ANYBODY care?

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2021.10.20 20:38 BastidChimp YO, Cramer, Gasparino, Shitadel, GFYM AND YOUR CONSPIRACY THEORIES! AMC Still not ZERO! That is all. C u tomorrow! #KENGRIFFINISFUKT

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2021.10.20 20:38 laveyian Birthday stream today :) added jumpscare sounds and everything to make this horror playthrough extra spooky //

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2021.10.20 20:38 FreshStaticSn0w Looking for OG TEDDYZILLA

Name your price
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2021.10.20 20:38 Blixe305 HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop anyone know where I can buy this part can’t find it anywhere

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2021.10.20 20:38 Leinad6969 [XBOX][H]Limited Toppers[W]Credits

Hi! Here are the limited toppers

Ty if you read this!
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2021.10.20 20:38 fairvalue Lambda and List Comprehension

Does anyone have any tricks for understanding and remembering the syntax for lambda functions and list comprehensions? List comprehensions particularly have a syntax that I struggle to wrap my head around. Wondering if I just need it explained to me in a different way to help it stick.
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2021.10.20 20:38 kvnpmrtn11 Period-correctness is over-rated

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2021.10.20 20:38 Euphoric-Ad-7924 Change on application status

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2021.10.20 20:38 IHateMyBrain99 [AHC] Mexico without massive drug cartels with 1900 POD

Everyone knows Mexico has a major problem with powerful drug cartels, in some northern states they pretty much run things. Mexico's homicide rate is one of the highest in the world because of them, so in a better world, what's a realistic way Mexico could have developed without these cancerous drug cartels existing?
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2021.10.20 20:38 szfak Kind trader needed! FC The Cow (VBZ-3XV) needs 3k Tritium for a decent profit at Cupinook system

Kind trader needed!
Buy order - Tritium
System: Cupinook
Station: Vonarburg Terminal (L pads)
Selling Price: 47,606 Cr
Supply: 131,717
Fleet Carrier: The Cow (VBZ-3XV)
Buying Price: 64,007cr (16,400 profit/ton)
Demand: 3,000
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2021.10.20 20:38 StupidSadLoser The man was so happy when he finally bought his first gun.

The cashier didn't notice that he only bought 1 bullet to go with it
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2021.10.20 20:38 onsokuson Jack-O challenge

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2021.10.20 20:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2021.10.20 20:38 Biff282000 Giratina Raid 0704 8661 0427 and 8555 0985 8915

0704 8661 0427 and 8555 0985 8915
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