2021.10.20 20:58 Successful_Doctor_81 Same

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2021.10.20 20:58 Sumdumguy10 Arrived today! So excited!

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2021.10.20 20:58 SebTheKuhlmann I still consider myself trans even though I'm detransitioning.

Why? Because. I'm nonbinary femme but it will always be assumed that I'm MTF because of my voice. 4 years of T deepened it beyond anything I can reconstruct. I have facial and body hair. I have odd growth and large muscle mass. Everyone who sees me assumes I'm MTF and I'm not. I just dint know where I fit anymore. I don't know how to be seen correctly in society and quite frankly I'm sick of trying. What do I do?
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2021.10.20 20:58 MarioLetsPlay [H] Cheapest prices LIFETIME WARRANTY Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Showtime, Starz, Crunchyroll, IPVanish VPN, NordVPN, Scribd [W] everything is $1.50 CashApp/Bitcoin

$1.50 each or 5 accounts for $6!!!
$1.50 each or 5 accounts for $6!!!

Message me if you'd like to buy. they all come with a lifetime warranty. CashApp or Bitcoin only and these are all shared accounts.
Click here to see my vouches.
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2021.10.20 20:58 TankerHipster Someone I know made this

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2021.10.20 20:58 Team_GusFring First ever options trade (covered call). Can you help me understand what I'm looking at...?

I've had nice success over the years with buy & hold.
Current long-term holdings: CRM, AAPL, LMT, SCHB, SCHA, SCHF, DGRO.
But I wanted to give basic options a try, so I decided I'd be fine selling my AT&T if it rises to 29 by Nov 19th. I understand functionally how a covered call works, but don't really understand what I'm looking at and what each part means.
And what happens to the $402.12 if the option expires below strike? Does it just deposit as cash?
Thanks for any assistance. I'm new to Options so am starting conservatively.
T 11//19/2021 29 C
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2021.10.20 20:58 thebrutal95 Ribeye, Roasted Petite Potatoes, Mac & cheese, and Garlic Bread

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2021.10.20 20:58 Heavy-Dirt-5845 Potential PR Stunts: Lysa

Anyone curious to see what Lysa is going to do to spin this into a new book/series for Elevation Church/tour.
I went to Israel with her and EVERY talk for the first week and a half was about the break up and Gods reconciliation. All her guest sermons at different churches were about it too and her last two books.
I’m just curious what we think she’s gonna do this time around.
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2021.10.20 20:58 tofu98 Is 15000 canadian for a 2016 Scion iM with 100000km a good deal?

Reliability is my number one goal but i also want something that wont get me a stupidly big monthly payment but will still last a fair bit of time.
Ive read really good stuff about scion and specifically the 2016 iM. Basically a toyota corolla with a different badge on it.
Thoughts? My only real wonder about this car is if the price is too high for how many kilometers it has.
Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.10.20 20:58 thetobiexp PDW Showdown: VFC Krytac KWA. Please me decide!

I've been doing a lot of research and have narrowed my preference down to an M4 PDW style AEG. Here are some needs:

I've chosen these three guns (please let me know if there are newer updated versions of these):

Which of these would fit my needs the closest? Thanks in advance!!!
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2021.10.20 20:58 leearmstrong Anyway to run Tony Hawk on sxos

Hi All,
Has anyone been able to get Tony hawk (with latest update) to run successfully on SXOS?
I have tried everything and can't get it to run
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2021.10.20 20:58 Fun_Beginning1782 $TIKIDOGE - Earn BNB rewards by simply holding! - Rug Proof - Active Team - Auto Rewards in BNB - Community Driven - Contract Verified

💰Earn BNB rewards by holding $TIKIDOGE👈
Tiki Doge is a BSC based doge meme token offering loyal holders with amazing BNB rewards that are autoclaimed without the need to waste time, effort and most importantly gas.
💰Unlike other doge or any meme coins which offer no incentive to hold, Tiki Doge rewards BNBs to doge lovers for their loyalty.
The liquidity pool will be locked using Deeplock.
We value our loyal HODLers and that is why we have dedicated 1% of total supply to airdrops and reward pools. Moderators will also be rewarded through this allocation.
Once you have bought TIKIDOGE, you have to do nothing but sit back and relax. BNB rewards will automatically be sent to your wallet without the need of manually claiming or spending gas fee in the process.
7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all TIKIDOGE holders.
BNBs raised through the private sale and the presale will be used to support the team and marketing expenses in the upcoming months
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
7% Holders Rewards
1% Buy Back
1% Marketing Wallet
1% Liquidty
Contract: 0x1444eb991611f6c2ff5d7a5418f4d98b7536a84a
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidty locked:
Highest BuyBack - Highest Holders Rewards - Unlimited Marketing Funds
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2021.10.20 20:58 xo_romeo Funny story of illegal things we done

Any of y’all have funny stories of illegal things we done in the past that we all can laugh at together? Would be funny asl to reminisce with my fellow OG on stories of stuff we got away with 😂 gd btw
I’ll start I usually go 7 over speed limit 🤐
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2021.10.20 20:58 Key_Protection_1271 when a block goes on a mango

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2021.10.20 20:58 griessingeigoby partner dumped by home health care

My domestic partner and I are having a hard time with home health companies. The most recent one just dumped his case because the new nurse reported back to them that I won't accept what they decide to do about a stage 2 bed sore on his back. Aren't they supposed to be a little bit flexible with patients and their caregivers? The nurse said they would let me know, and I said I wanted to do wet-to-dry bandaging myself, like I have been doing. I am the one who got his stage 4 pressure ulcer (on his sacrum) healed up by doing this kind of bandaging. He still has a stage 2 bed sore on his back.
It seems to me they should be flexible and also accept input.
He's had a lot of bad and incompetent treatment from local home health nurses. One sent him to the hospital because he (the nurse) over-inflated the catheter balloon, and also did not anchor the tubing to his leg. Two more nurse after that took the catheter out to replace it, and couldn't put it back in. The ER staff at the hospital were able to do it just fine. Twice. Another nurse caused him to bleed because of pushing too hard while doing a bladder flush.
I'm also going to start doing his bladder flushes myself. The nurse practitioner that sees him taught me how. I also started researching it on the internet, and have discovered that the nurses have not been cleaning his catheter properly when doing a bladder flush. They have not been cleaning the open end of the catheter tube with alcohol both before and after attaching the syringe. Seems to me I'm going to have to keep my doing it myself a big secret now.
I found an urgent care co. that will change his catheter, and send a nurse practitioner out, but only if it is leaking. It has to be an urgent care situation. His regular nurse practitioner thinks it is beneath her.
I am so sick of these home health companies. I'd take him to a doctor's office, but he walk, can't even sit up yet. He needs PT, but will only get 2 visits a week anyway from home health care. We had really bad experiences in a rehab hospital too. He's got long covid, and does not tolerate being forced to move his legs very well.
Thoughts appreciated, thank you....
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2021.10.20 20:58 yemenvoice Security Council Press Statement on Yemen

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2021.10.20 20:58 RealZillion Mission Impossible: On Low Budget
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2021.10.20 20:58 gamesforlife69 [Highlight] Jaylen Brown scores 14 straight points for the Celtics

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2021.10.20 20:58 Diamedes GTK3/4 Custom Theme Guide (Arch Linux/Xfce)

Is there any guide or way that I can learn how to modify already existing themes? For example, I really like the sweet mars theme, but I want to change the colors to something different. Is there anyway I can do this?
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2021.10.20 20:58 lilysmh093 Arrows u.p if your dick is above bigger than 5"Snap: lilysmh02

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2021.10.20 20:58 DijidalWasTaken Eggwars Time of 37.233

I got a 37.233!
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2021.10.20 20:58 Impressive-Spinach95 Rap/hiphop songs with gentle beats to help you study, sleep, or if this kinda music is just your kinda thing

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2021.10.20 20:58 Sry2bothayou Starting off difficulty?

Hey guys, day 1 for me. Played a ton of the old l4d games and I’m very familiar with shooters etc. when the game first started I did the tutorial with my brother as it’s his first day too. And from the tutorial it just kept going now I’m like 4 parts in on the first act. But I can’t figure out the difficulty and it never asked us. I want to know before I go further if we should just create a new campaign run and put it to veteran mode. I don’t really want to have an easy time beating the game on the first run through, me and my brother have both decided to just stop now before we’re too deep and things are too easy. I’ve heard the games “infinitely replay able” but idk I want a real challenge for us as the only other game we play together is warzone and we’re both burnt out of that game. So TL:DR 1. Is the base difficulty normal/easy mode? 2. Should we jump straight to veteran now before going through the whole act
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2021.10.20 20:58 Empty_Grapefruit5611 B in pre calc honors or A in regular pre calc?

I’m a senior, applying as Econ major. Which one is more ideal?
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2021.10.20 20:58 TheDogeInvestor Pouty Akane Kurokawa ( Manga Colored/Redraw ) by Me

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