The Otakus are on their way! A new wave of swaggy anime fans that have manifested powers inspired by some of their favorite characters. Join our discord for upcoming pre-launch giveaways

2021.10.20 19:56 Queasy-Teacher961 The Otakus are on their way! A new wave of swaggy anime fans that have manifested powers inspired by some of their favorite characters. Join our discord for upcoming pre-launch giveaways

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2021.10.20 19:56 Glossybasher What do you believe ?

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2021.10.20 19:56 mutsispillu123456 helpot suomi of

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2021.10.20 19:56 StreamerLlnk New Meta: Sonic Speed hacks!

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2021.10.20 19:56 JhonKaito Recomiendenme una colonia pls

Eso pues...necesito que me recomienden alguna colonia / perfume para hombre de 30 a 40 años aprox....porque ustedes usan colonia no?.
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2021.10.20 19:56 halfbraindamaged NFTSEA FREE AIRDROP IS LIVE

Just enter this link
and drop wallet for free NFTSEA
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2021.10.20 19:56 Due-Hunter9566 🐱LUNE - 🐱 Luneko 🌙 - An Adorable Cat Memecoin with HUGE potential! Under 24hours old - POSSIBLE 100x+ - 100k Marketcap

🐱I love to get in coins early for maximum possible returns. And this coin is EARLY! There has also been a ton of effort put into the coin and website (the art they've got is amazing!).
🐱With how successful dog memecoins have been, I really feel like this one could be one of the first cat ones to really take off! We can also feel assured that there aren't gonna be any rugpulls because the developers have already locked the liquidity!
🐱As transactions happen your stack of luneko tokens grow automatically as well! Giving a great incentive for people to HODL. The community is awesome so far too! With very responsive devs
Tokenomics :
2% coin redistribution amongst holders on each transaction
18,400,000 total coins
💳 How To Buy? 💳
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x37791fc23870Ffedaa442061e14C3ff8A1F2A718
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced
🌍 Website: Coming soon
🔐 Liquidity Lock 3 YEAR :
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2021.10.20 19:56 dat_girl83 Don’t Ignore Your Liver Pain - my important story

Hi, 38F and very proudly over 7 years booze free. This is my story. I shared it on this sub almost 2 years ago, and it was deemed quite helpful and motivating so I’ve decided to repost it. I’ve also since deleted my old account so I’d like to have it in my profile since, well, it’s my story. Plus, it’s also important for me to remind myself of where I once was and give you guys a bit of perspective as to why I am so proud to be where I am today. It’s about a 10 min read (just wanted to let you know what you’re getting into as I’m aware attention spans run thin these days). I'm gonna skip all the years of partying and blackouts (which started in my early teens, escalating heavily through all of my twenties) and cut to the time frame that led up to my hospital stay in 2014.
My alcohol dependency was VERY real and extremely frightening. The truth is I don't even really know when, how or why it had gotten so bad. But it had become so out of control that I literally carried vodka in my purse at all times to spike my drinks. I would wake up and do anywhere from 5 to sometimes 9 or 10 shots of Fireball Whiskey IN THE MORNING before work just to get rid of my shakes then I would buy a bottle of Powerade on the way and empty out half of it and fill the rest with Vodka to get me through my work shift. Every shift. Then of course the evenings were either spent at the bar or at my apartment downing shots of Fireball and boxed wine. Just every single day drinking. From morning til night. No breaks except to sleep, no exaggeration. My diet consisted only of grease, booze and cigarettes so I gained a lot of weight (which I was completely blind to by the way). And the saddest part is that even when I started to feel pain in my liver I chose to ignore it even though I knew something was wrong. Within the last few months before my hospital stay my eyes had become jaundiced, I had lost my period, my urine had become a dark orangey brown, and I lost a TON of weight very quickly. Yet I continued on my vicious path of self destruction with alcohol everyday from morning til sleep. Then when I REALLY REALLY started to get sick (because my liver could handle no more), my stomach started to protrude and was rock hard. Within 2 weeks it looked like I had become 5 to 6 months pregnant. In that two weeks, I was in so much pain that I NEEDED to do shots just to fall asleep even though I didn't want to, but I felt so sick that couldn't fall asleep otherwise. Then I would wake up in the morning shaking so bad that I would take a shot of Fireball, always puking up that first shot because my body wanted to reject it (alongside a thick, yellow stream of bile from my stomach), but then I could keep em down so I would take more shots until my shakes subsided because I had to go to work. I was so scared. And what's even worse was that even though I knew I was really sick, I didn't want to go to the doctor because I was even more scared of being told I couldn't drink anymore. It's pretty fucked up. I couldn't fathom that thought. When it finally became too painful to walk though, I decided it was time to go to the walk-in clinic around the corner. And if you're wondering, the whole time I was sick with my hardened belly Dan (my boyfriend) was trying to get me to go to the doctor but I would not go and there was nothing he could have done to convince me. So we went to the clinic together. The fucked up thing was that right before I left I took one last shot of Fireball because I knew it was gonna be the last one for a long time. I was incredibly ill but I still just needed that last shot. We got to the clinic, the doctor took one look at my stomach and knew immediately that it was my liver and stressed that I needed to get to the hospital emergency RIGHT AWAY. I was petrified. What the fuck had I done to myself.
*Just a bit of a warning here, the next section I will be explaining what I recall of my stay at the hospital. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible and to tell you the truth, some of it is a bit of a blur. I just want to paint you a picture of what I went through so you can understand how I got to where I am today. It's unpleasant and will probably be emotional for me to type out and relive. It's kinda heavy and a bit graphic. You can totally skip over it if you don't want to read it.
We cabbed to the hospital and when I arrived at the emergency they put me in a wheelchair and took me right away. I had no idea the severity of my condition but at this point it was VERY apparent that it was serious. They wheeled me into a room and I got on to a table where I had to lay on my left side with my right arm resting over my head. They started poking around where my liver is located and told me they would be inserting a needle in my side with a tube attached to it and a clear empty bag at the end of it to start releasing the fluids that had built up in my stomach. I just remember looking at Dan sitting in front of me who was telling me to keep focusing on him and not look at what was going on. I was hard panicking on the inside but tried to stay calm. I remember tears coming down my face due to the amount pain I was in and just the intensity of it all. They struggled to get this massive needle in me properly, but eventually after numerous attempts and probably 6 or 7 different people trying to get this thing in me, they were successful and told me they had a room ready for me. The thought of being admitted to the hospital hadn't even occurred to me for some reason and no one could give me any answers because they had no answers. They couldn't tell me how long I would be there or what was wrong with me because they hadn't performed any tests yet. I was freaking out. So they wheeled me to my room and laid me down on my new bed. I'm hooked up to an IV and have this tube coming out of my side with a disgusting sack attached to it very slowly filling with a gross bile-like fluid from my stomach. Not pleasant. I'm in a shared room with three other women only separated by closed curtains. I remember laying there by myself for a bit with not a fucking clue what was gonna happen to me. They drew my blood, took x-rays, and then put me through an excruciatingly painful ultrasound. Having someone press down into your damaged liver that was already so sore WITHOUT being touched was a pain like no other. I'll never forget that ultrasound. Just lying there on my side with my arm above my head squeezing the cold steel rail of the frame of the bed I was on, crying. Ugh. It was tough. And I was not allowed any painkillers my entire hospital visit. After those initial tests I was brought back to my room. Just laying there trying to process everything that was happening. They put me on intense diuretics to help clear out stomach contents too (and I don’t mean number 1 here) so I had to keep running to the bathroom with an IV and fluid sack in tow to relieve myself. It was horrid. Then on day 2, I rolled over on my bed and the tube actually pulled out of my stomach and blood started spilling out. So instead of re-inserting it, they decided to put a big bandage over the leaking hole in my side. I was relieved at first but then it actually turned out to be worse for me because the bandage kept filling up and the fluids would start to leak out the sides down my stomach but nurses weren't always there to change it. And each time they did change it, the heavy duty adhesive would tear at my stomach skin so much that I developed sores. Rough stuff. I'd like to remind you that through all this I was also going through alcohol withdrawal. My head pounding, I felt nauseous, all the joints in my body ached and I was so freaking shakey which made it hard for them to draw blood from my arm (which was a very frequent occurrence). They had to have a second nurse hold my arm down. I wasn't able to shower or bathe so instead they gave me wipes to clean myself, which was absolutely not the same. I felt so dirty and disgusting. I had a lot of time to lie there and reflect while waiting for any sort of test results. It occurred to me that this was my rock bottom and it was a hard, sad reality for me to face. I kept thinking about my mom and dad. You see, they are in Ontario but Dan called them against my will at the time (which was obviously the right thing to do and I'm thankful he did now). My parents are such amazing, loving people. I felt so embarrassed about what I had become and worried that I had disappointed them that I didn't want them or anyone else to see me in such a state. I would speak with them on the phone from the hospital everyday but I refused to let them fly out to come see me. For this, I am deeply sorry because I can't even imagine the anxiety and pain I put them through. They just wanted to be there for me. And for the record, of course they were not disappointed in me at all. Not in the slightest. They're amazing, I love them to death, and I'm so beyond grateful for them. That was just my own insecurities at the time.
So, test results. First the doctor told me I was extremely lucky to be alive. If I had waited any longer I would have probably been dead. She told me they had never had someone at that hospital so young (31 yrs old) with the enzymes in their liver elevated so high. Holy shit. Then she proceeded to tell me I had done quite some damage to my liver, especially because I waited so long to seek help. My liver had hardened. That's why my stomach had protruded. All the fluids in my body weren't able to circulate properly through my liver so the fluids were accumulating in my stomach and putting pressure on all my organs. I believe that this condition is called Ascites (commonly caused by Cirrhosis). This bad news was then followed with good news. I DIDN'T have Hepatitis or Cirrhosis of the liver, to which she claimed surprised the staff and she stressed how lucky I was. Phew. She truly believed my age had a factor in that. And although my liver might not ever fully recover, I was going to be ok. I was told that I had developed a slightly fatty liver and gallstones, BUT I was going to be ok. In my mind, I was given a second chance. I had to stay in that hospital for 8 of the longest, most traumatic and painful days of my entire life. It took a massive toll on me physically AND mentally. I was thankful to be there for my withdrawal though. You know when you're so hungover that you say "I'm never drinking again"? Most of us have made that claim I'm sure. Well for the first time ever, I told myself that and actually meant it. In my head I knew I was never gonna drink again. The doctors really begged me to seek help for recovery, but I'm stubborn and stressed to them that I wouldn't need it. If I thought for one tiny second that I might cave and have a drink I would have totally sought outside help because there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I really wish I had gotten help BEFORE this whole thing had ever happened, but because of this experience I personally just knew I was going to be ok. I had been traumatized. Nothing would ever make me want to go through what I had just endured again. Ever.
So friends, that's what happened 5 years ago. I never craved a drink after that. Not even a bit. That's why I'm able to remain in the restaurant industry and bartend, which I know some of you might find odd. But that's cool. I don’t mind my job. Serving alcohol doesn’t trigger me at all. Plus, my job is quite lucrative, it's social, and I love my co-workers. I am currently now studying to become a Health and Wellness Coach on the side though so I can eventually (hopefully sooner than later) leave the industry. But for now, it’s how I pay my rent.
Now do I miss drinking? Absolutely. All the time. I LOVED drinking. Serving alcohol doesn't phase me or bother me in the slightest but socially, it sucks. I can feel discluded or jealous or just pass on going out completely sometimes because I know it will involve a lot of drinking so it won't be fun for me. Special occasions can really be shitty for me if I let them be. I miss patio drinks. I miss wine. Drinking at Christmas. Vacations are hard. BUT there's a difference between wanting a drink and needing a drink. And I'm so fucking grateful that I never needed a drink again.
Well this was a hard, yet somewhat therapeutic share for me. This post turned out to be a lot longer than I ever intended so if you actually read the whole thing then thanks, that's pretty cool. I did this not only to remind myself of how far I've come, but also in hopes that my story might encourage at least just one person to get help. Getting sober from alcohol was by far the best, most positive thing I could ever have done for myself and it's had a massive ripple effect on other aspects of my life. I quit smoking (a 20 year long habit) two years after the incident. I love mornings and especially not feeling like a puffy bag of shit everyday when I wake up. I also love waking up without random bruises or injuries and being unaware of how I got them in the first place. I have money in my bank account. I meditate. Exercise is important to me and is a huge part of my life. I don't eat like a complete dickhead anymore. I've gotten to know me again and I'm so pleased to just say that I'm healthy and happy. If you’re interested to see my physical transformation from then until now, you can click on profile after this. Don't take your health for granted. Don't wait til it's too late to make a change. You only have one life. Your health, your wellness, your VITALITY is worth every single ounce of effort. Addiction of any kind can be a very scary thing. I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT wish I had gotten the help I needed when alcohol took complete control over my life. But my path was different (as is everyone's) and nonetheless I am here today, sober from alcohol and never looking back. And life is just so much better on this side.
Thanks for reading guys!✌️❤️
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2021.10.20 19:56 Awkward-Emergency My Immunologist is great but the support staff is HORRIBLE. What can I do??

I love my Dr, he is one of the leading experts in primary immunodeficiency disorders. The problem is his support staff is NOT. They boarder on incompetent.
They consistently take down my messages incorrectly, leave my messages for the wrong doctor, forget to call me back with my doctors messages and worst of all they order the incorrect lab work! My Dr ordered the Pneumovax 23 antibody response test and the nurse who ordered it sent it in as a throat strep test! ( she saw streptococcus and didn’t understand the differences of the two tests) What can a patient do in a situation like this? I don’t want to have to switch drs but every time I have to call the office it’s stressful and overwhelming.
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2021.10.20 19:56 Pepperoniwusky He got that drip (art by me)

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2021.10.20 19:56 endlessfield [USA-MN] [H] Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master (w/ Patriot Viper 4400CL19, Scythe Ninja 5), PayPal [W] High/mid-high end micro ATX X570 or B550 motherboard

Downsizing to an mATX case, looking to trade my current Aorus Master. I have the original boxes and all accessories. While I only really care about the motherboard, I can include the RAM (4x8GB Viper 4400CL19) and a Scythe Ninja 5 (with 2 Arctic P12 fans instead of the stock 800rpm fans) since I'm at the point where I'm too lazy to OC the RAM on a new board, and an enthusiast in here might benefit more.
I'm looking for one of the following: ASRock Rack X570D4U (or X570D4U-2T2L), B550M Aorus Master or Pro, B550M Tomahawk, X570M Pro4. If trading with the RAM, I'd want 3600CL16 (or 3200CL14).
Also willing to buy the motherboard instead of trading if I get an offer. Particularly the X570D4U
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2021.10.20 19:56 reluctantbunnyboy Why are the dead deers on the side of the freeway?

This has been bugging me since I was a kid, where I live I see deer hit and dead on the side of the freeway all the time but how are they on the side? Obviously someone didn’t swerve and hit them on the side of the road right? So they were hit in the middle of the freeway and moved, so who moved them from the road? Did they do it when no cars were coming? Did they call a professional? Is there someone who’s job this is? but then why would they just leave it on the side of the road isn’t there somewhere else to take roadkill? So many questions
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2021.10.20 19:56 SquidoHasCrocs How do I make a feature like rocket jumping from tf2?

I've been trying to look for this but don't know how to make it. Any help is appreciated.
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2021.10.20 19:56 TehMagus9 Roach Motel... The only good bug is a dead bug

The Roach Motel Company | NA-EAST-Andlang | Syndicate | PVP/PVE The Roach Motel Company Region: NA-EAST (We have players in all time zones) Server: Andlang Faction: Syndicate Language: English Focus: PvP/PvE/Crafting Current Size: 15-20 Recruiting: Yes!
Who Are We? The Roach Motel Company was founded by a group of friends who have been playing together for 15+ years, most of us being Active Military or Combat Veterans. Our focus is centered around building a community of individuals who enjoy PvP and having a good time while they play. We are not hardcore by any means. Most of us work full time and have families so we understand the struggle of getting on everyday.
Atmosphere: The Roach Motel Company places a high emphasis on creating a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone. Having a few drinks on the weekend while we play is common within our discord. We like to joke around but respect every member of the guild. We are all on the same team and want to make sure everyone feels a part of that team and the community we are building. Our Goal in New World Our primary goal in New World is to build a solid core group of highly engaged members to battle in wars/invasions. We want to be competitive within the server and make a name for ourselves. Battling and taking zones is high on our priority list when we have enough members to do so.
How to Join: If you are interested in our community, please join our Discord. Once you join the Discord and accept the rules you will be given the rank of recruit, from there we can discuss any membership opportunity's or goals you have to ensure you are placed within the correct department.
We’re looking forward to meeting you!
Basic Requirements: • Must have Discord (voice optional but highly recommended) • Be 18 yrs or older (under 18 allowed for family members with approval) • Be okay with an adult environment including drinking/profanity • LGBTQ friendly • Be okay with interacting and socializing with others • No self-promotion unless approved • Keep trolling to a minimum
Discord Link:
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2021.10.20 19:56 Steppo14 Im not sure what rockstar has done now but I’m a console played and I’ve never seen a hacker until two weeks ago and since then I’ve had people in god mode people teleporting whole lobbies to them and just other stuff like that does anyone know what has happened?

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2021.10.20 19:56 Historical-Rub-6403 Has anyone spent time at The Royal?

I will be spending some time there due to mental illness/addiction. I am looking for experiences from those who have been admitted there.
Cheers and thanks.
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2021.10.20 19:56 SupremoSrdoUniverso Horse combat?

Hello everyone I am here to try to discuss the horse combat a little bit. So a little ago we had this "leak" that someone that played the game said that while mounting we can only attack one side in this case the right since this is the side were we hold our weapons, so I tried to think and analyze if this could be true. I don't think that this can be a problem but for sure people expect to attack both sides, but the fact that the game will have a lot of weapon types can make very difficult to make every weapon look good on horseback.
I will use the Playstation controller for example.
So yeah let's start with the fact that we haven't seen any attack or weapon on the left side, the main character is always holding the halter with his left arm. But we have seen an enemy on horseback in one of the first images look like he is preparing to attack on his left side, and in the first leak the same enemy seems to attack on the left too.
There is also the fact that in Elden Ring just like most souls games we could just change the hand we have our weapons in the equipment and then we could attack on the left, just like we never seen in any ds3 trailer the character use a sword in the left hand or a shield in the right hand doesn't meant we can't, but this for sure would be a really weird way to implement this.
In the trailer we seen the main character let go of the halter to make this kind of "charged" attack, since the character is using both hands maybe we can make this attack on both sides and I don't think that this could be too hard to make.
There's also the buttons that would become without an use in horseback, like L2 for the weapon arts that i assume you can't do on horseback, the L1 for block that we aren't sure if we can do on horseback, and the triangle that I assume will be used for two handing. These buttons can be easily used for attack different sides, either making the triangle two hand your weapon and making possible to attack on the opposite side which you have your weapon or making you switch the hand you're holding you weapon.
So what do you guys think about this?
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2021.10.20 19:56 No-Business-4450 Coming out

After 2 years of fighting my homophobia and my sexuality, I now admit I’m bi. I’m scared to tell anyone still but it feels good to know who I am
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2021.10.20 19:56 kriseberlein "Book Nerds," 1000-piece puzzle from Workman. Artwork by Holly Maguire. On the fence about this one; maybe I'm getting tired off bookshelf puzzles! Definitely issues with quality; see more in my comment.

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2021.10.20 19:56 secondsniglet Washington state - 1,624 new cases - 623,091 cases total - 10/19/2021 Case Updates

Washington state - 1,624 new cases - 623,091 cases total - 10/19/2021 Case Updates NOTE: I am only reporting confirmed PCR test cases. Look at my Google docs spreadsheet or the DOH data dashboard to see the probable numbers (which include unconfirmed antigen test results).
NOTE: I've had a number of people reach out to me asking how to show thanks for these posts. I always appreciate Reddit gold, but if you want to do something more substantive please make a donation to the PB&J scholarship fund, intended to help kids who are late bloomers.
I am making a duplicate daily post on CoronavirusWAData/ as an experiment. If a lot of people start following my daily posts over there I may stop posting on CoronavirusWA.
The 1,624 new cases on 10/19 are close to the 1,634 average new cases on 10/15, 10/16, 10/17 and 10/18. The department of health says they are facing problems processing the high volume of test data and won't provide any more numbers on total tests until October 31. Consequently, we can't determine any percent positive numbers.
The 49 new deaths on 10/19 are higher than the 22 average new deaths on 10/15, 10/16, 10/17 and 10/18.
The 150 new hospitalizations on 10/19 are higher than the 103 average new hospitalizations on 10/15, 10/16, 10/17 and 10/18.
The 12,427 average new vaccine doses on 10/18 and 10/19 are lower than the 19,720 average new vaccine doses on 10/15, 10/16 and 10/17.
The department of health says the negative results still aren't being fully accounted for so we have to use caution in drawing conclusions.
According to the DOH web site:
Wednesday, October 20, 2021: No data issues were listed on the department of health web site today.
As always let's all wear masks when around others and take vitamin D (even when vaccinated!).
I maintain a complete set of statistics, and charts, based on Washington state department of health web site daily reports on a public spreadsheet.
I got these numbers from the WA department of health web site.
This spreadsheet showing individual county break-downs, compared to the state averages, is maintained by u/en334_0:
This spreadsheet showing Pierce county break-downs is maintained by u/illumiflo:
This spreadsheet showing King county break-downs is maintained by u/JC_Rooks:
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2021.10.20 19:56 bot_neen Este jueves es la entrega de los Eliot Awards 2021

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2021.10.20 19:56 Live_Toe7023 Thoughts on unhhh

Todays new episode of unhhh “sleep” was meh to me. Also this season hasn’t been hitting the same for me personally, does anyone else feel like they’re over the show? Or maybe just overworked with all the other projects they’re doing as well?
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2021.10.20 19:56 JackSparrows449 No "legchrisady"? No TV.

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2021.10.20 19:56 KingOfRedLionss Need help getting pwct because I'm an idiot

Had my summon sign down in 3-2 to help with the Area/Maneater but kept getting summoned as the old monk, but just kinda went with it anyways without realizing I was turning my character pure black. So I would really appreciate if someone could help me go pure white, I am willing to do the same in return or even drop some materials you may need if I have them to show my appreciation
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2021.10.20 19:56 zahnsaw He's a bold one!

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