Bassoon pieces?

2021.10.20 19:42 jaccon999 Bassoon pieces?

Hello, what are some bassoon pieces someone with 1.5-2.5 years of experience could play? Preferably ones that are more of music than technique.
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2021.10.20 19:42 Beneficial-Ad-9398 Club looking for players ps5

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2021.10.20 19:42 Individual-art768 Dog pencil portrait. Commission work

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2021.10.20 19:42 Expensive_Coffee_173 πŸ”₯ DaddyShiba - $DOGE Rewards | πŸ”₯ PreSale Has Been Filled in Under 5 minutes! | Launching in Just 1 Hour!

DaddyShiba Presale has been filled in 5 minutes after being live!
Making it's launch today (20th October) at 8 PM UTC!
DaddyShiba is a token that's gonna launch on BSC Mainnet, it'll bring so many usecases in the market such as P2E games available to play on Telegram and official website. Development has been started for the games.
Join the Telegram channel for further information.
🐢 Earn 2% rewards in $DOGE every hour for every HODLER
🐢 P2E Game Development
🐢 Based and Experienced Team! Brought to you by G K and M K!
🐢 Previously Doxxed Devs with heaps of experience, destined for success!
🐢 24/7 Voice Chat
There was a small private sale of up to 30 BNB, followed by a Presale. And 200 BNB Hardcap has been filled in just under 5 Minutes!
Buy/Sell Tax 11%
βœ…2% DOGE Rewards
βœ… 5% Marketing Fee
βœ… 4% Liquidity Fee
Max Buy: 2%
Max Sell: 2%
Max Wallet: 2%
πŸ’³ How To Buy DaddyShiba ? πŸ’³
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xAD0A21840482bdd93afA60240dBC5D7d51E31F03
🍰 Pancakeswap:
πŸ”Ή Renounced Ownership:
πŸ” Liquidity Lock 3 YEARπŸ”’ :
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2021.10.20 19:42 ivKierann What is a good amount of friends to have?

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2021.10.20 19:42 rustystrings1991 What's an embarrassing/cringe moment in your life that lives rent free in your head?

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2021.10.20 19:42 Specialist_Ad_2458 Boya WM8 pro k2 not working

Hello, I have recently purchased Boya WM8 pro k2 but when I am using it in my DSLR to shoot videos the audio is not clear and it is noisy. I have set both the transmitter and receiver to the same channels still this mic hiss is going on if someone have any suggestions please it will be helpful. Sorry for my english it's not my preferred language
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2021.10.20 19:42 FuNKy_Duck1066 Collapsible Heat Deflector Mod Almost complete

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2021.10.20 19:42 MildyDissapointed Sigma Manifesto

Hello Fellow Grinders, I have written a piece for my High School English class describing what I believe a Sigma is, and I am looking for feedback. From Senior Sigmas, to curious Grinders, I want to hear what you would change, or what you agree on. Also perhaps you can share it with any possible converts. Thank you for checking it out and the Grind never stops!
P.S. I don't know a lot about Reddit or this community specifically soo yah
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2021.10.20 19:42 CrazyAlmo75 Detailed and put up for the winter months.

Detailed and put up for the winter months.
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2021.10.20 19:42 zuhbee NFT Advice Needed. Trying To Make Sure I'm Making My Project Right

Hey guys,
Is 5000x5000 px too high for my project?
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2021.10.20 19:42 TKG_r Nothing even happened and I get this.

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2021.10.20 19:42 rinmatsuokascythe Looking for an anime where struggling MC comes back stronger and changes the world

Hey guys, how we doing?
I'm not sure if I'm looking for a specific anime but I'll dish out what I'm looking for and you guys suggest the best that you can.
Check out my MAL before you suggest something I may have seen: first trope I'm looking for is a main character who is different than everybody else in a disadvantaged way. For example, let's say everyone but this one character was given the right of something that the MC either didn't receive or received a weaker version. Because of this, the MC is different than everybody and perhaps even looked down upon. MC faces struggles but doesn't give up and ends up finding/becoming strong and even better than everyone else.

Any other anime you guys recommend would be awesome too.
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2021.10.20 19:42 liltaureau what are some tv shows or movies that make u feel less alone with ur mental illness?

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2021.10.20 19:42 identicalBadger 0028 0272 2627 & 3219 9345 0907 - giratina! Add us!

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2021.10.20 19:42 HowAboutNoneOfThem WM

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2021.10.20 19:42 95horror DPCIs for the Universal Monster TMNT crossover

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2021.10.20 19:42 Ok_Measurement_6538 First Woman Four-Star Admiral

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2021.10.20 19:41 amr-92 I'm a relative active person beginning to run. Where to start?

I have played sports regularly all my life (soccer, tennis, golf, weights, etc) but lately I have been attracted to running. My goal maybe is one day participate in a 10k.
For the past three weeks, I just ran once per week, with no particular goal or regimen, just to more or less assess where I'm standing. I would like to have more structure and therefore a program. However, all programs I find for beginners seem to be too easy at the beginning, and when I Google intermediate programs they seem to be too hard.
This where my times for my first 3 runs:
Run #1: 2.87 km in 18:01 min Run #2: 3.00 km in 18:56 min Run #3: 3.16 km in 19:32 min
Any advice for a program would be greatly appreciated!!
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2021.10.20 19:41 Scary_Tiger_9746 Is jd sports still doable

I heard they deny refunds alot
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2021.10.20 19:41 alwaysmyes Lauren's Birthday!?!

Lauren's Birthday!?!
Does anyone else find this odd? I know Lauren might be distancing herself from Alex- or at least that's been a theory- because of her job. I think maybe they had a fight because of that photoshop incident. They might have talked it over but their friendship is no longer the same. Sofia and Milf Hunter said she has screwed her friends over. Is the fame and money causing Alex her true friendships? It seems the more famous and richer she gets, the less friends she has.
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2021.10.20 19:41 rein_deer7 October 30 - Fire Safety Crisis - Please support our national day of action

We demand that the government and developers take immediate action to prevent leaseholders from paying life-changing amounts - We cannot pay!
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2021.10.20 19:41 Purple_Historian_205 [SPB239] My everyday watch

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2021.10.20 19:41 SkinnySkins I'm sick of the way medical misinformation has hijacked so much of eczema discussion on the internet

Sorry yall, just need to vent.
I don't know if its cause it's so hard to treat and the research is still very limited or if its genuinely malicious but the amount of misinfo that the internet has about eczema is so huge. And even more so, the amount of condescending judgement people who propagate medical misinformation makes me like garbage when I only want support in some online eczema community spaces.
Over the past year I went from dealing with what I presumed was just an allergic reaction to a full blown eczema flare over my entire body after having my eczema stay in relative remission for most of my teenage years to the point I actually forgot how bad my eczema was when I was a child and a toddler. I actively avoided topical steroids as much as I could and would actually just apply them once and pray for the best instead of going the full cycle as recommended as an adult when my eczema began to get worse this past year or so due to horror stories. More so, applying them made me anxious and stressed out because I felt like I was playing with fire which probably made my eczema worse. After the eczema reached my eyelids, scalp and pretty much entire body, I went to see a dermatologist and took their advice and talked openly and honestly about my fears of topical steroids. I went on prednisone, that helped briefly but the side effects were trash, am on methotrexate right now and am awaiting to get on dupixent due to my insurance needing step therapy to get its approved which I've met all the steps. My derm and his wonderful nurses have guided me along and helped me use steroids safely after not being on them for years. I was even advised to use mid potency steroids on my face and on my eyelids to a degree and instructed how to do so in great detail to reduce the initial flare. And right now? I don't regret following their advice. It's an uphill battle but I am slowly winning, and if I didn't use the topical steroids I would be in absolute misery right now because the orals meds just don't work on their own for me.
But after all that, I try to go online for emotional support and see people talk about how I need to stop using topical steroids, stop using methotrexate and how its so toxic and how I need to do a cleanse and this and that and this and that.
I've dealt with medical issues off and on, and keep an eye on medical misinformation but I have truly never witnessed it to this degree in regards to any other illness. Even cancer, I don't see this much open misinformation either with that in mainstream support groups. Entire communities on the internet I thought would be open and understanding to my struggles have openly told me that I need to stop listening to my doctor and go back to the hell I was before because the long term effects of the meds I'm on aren't worth it to them.
I'm not judging people, if going natural and stopping steroids helps then power to you but actively trying to dissuade people who are chronically ill from treatments that didn't work for you personally is cruel.
It's even more so disturbing given the amount of people linked to Qanon and antivax/COVID denial crowd as well. Entire eczema communities I've tried to look at for stories and support have been infested with enough stuff to make snopes explode.
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2021.10.20 19:41 sbmmblowz Let’s Talk About Fortified

Fortified Max Health per EVO:
White EVO: 176.47 HP (26.47 extra) Blue EVO: 205.88 HP (30.88 extra) Purple EVO: 235.29 (35.29 extra) Red EVO: 264.71 (39.71 extra)
I suggest removal of Fortified damage reduction and instead just give Gibby and Caustic one extra shield slot (+25) when they have a purple or higher EVO.
So with purple their shield would basically be a Red EVO HP-wise, and with Red it would be as if there was another tier beyond Red.
This change would only result in a maximum HP nerf of 14.71, but would greatly improve the balance of these legends. Also, the extra health would actually be visible/measurable for enemies fighting these players.
I had also suggested new passives in another comment where Gibby could pickup and carry knocked teammates and caustic could place traps inside of objects such as Respawn beacons and replicators!
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