Giratina rn: 3674 2007 7939 First 10, be online and ready .

2021.10.20 19:33 lukeb173 Giratina rn: 3674 2007 7939 First 10, be online and ready .

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2021.10.20 19:33 FourTwentii My (23F) partner (27M) prefers to spend time with anyone but me. Should I end it?

I love my boyfriend. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else and we always have the best time when we're together. We've been in a relationship for 2+ years and I'm currently living at home until I graduate, while he's in a shared living situation with a few friends. I want to preface by saying that I absolutely love his friends, they are my friends too and I do not believe them to be the issue.

This begun around 7-8 weeks ago where we weren't able to see each other due to a covid lockdown. We set times to hang out on discord but he wouldn't come online until much later because he started watching TV with his friends or would start a game etc. At first I wasn't too bothered as I didn't have much to do myself other than chill, but it kept happening. We would also save content to watch together over Discord but he would end up watching it with his friends. There were also times where he would forget about me, like going to the bathroom/ get some water and would be gone over an hour because he ran into someone and started chatting. I ended up leaving the call a couple times, being over waiting.

This escalated when I was able to see him after the lockdown was lifted. Despite planning to hang out together, we partied with his friends which was awesome, it was nice to see them again. However the next time I come around its the same thing. And the next time, and the next time, and the next time... I thought ok that's fine, at least we have the following day to spend some quality time together? But no, my BF always drinks too much and "our day" is him being hung ovecomplaining that he's too sick to do the things we've planned. He also makes me feel bad when I ask to spend time with him alone, with things like "oh so you just want us to be in my room while everyone's hanging out in the lounge?"
I feel hurt and unwanted because he doesn't seem to want to spend time with me. It's hard because I never want to give him the ultimatum "its either me or them". I'm close with his friends and I love spending time with them. I do not feel like a priority which hurts even more considering I haven't seen him in two months and I feel like I have to constantly fight for his attention.

I've tried having a conversation with him about it. He acknowledges, apologizes, but doesn't change his behavior. I've tried the cold shoulder but I feel immature and that won't solve anything either...I'm so torn I don't know if breaking up with him is the right thing to do, or if I'm being over-dramatic. I don't have many people to talk to so I would greatly appreciate any advise :)
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2021.10.20 19:33 chistescortos 💣 💣 NOTICIA BOMBA Ultima Hora Después de EL JUEGO DEL CALAMAR llega EL BAILE DEL CALAMAR (Primicia Exclusiva) 💣 💣

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2021.10.20 19:33 BorgerFrog So while watching rise of the beasts news i decided to rewatch bumblebee to see if i can make any connections and i conjured three theories

Which theory do you think is true
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2021.10.20 19:33 FeelingOkAsSans5068 cake day

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2021.10.20 19:33 smuttybookaddict HELP. Can't find a book. forgot author and title

help finding a book!!! It's a gay MM romance book. A guy sees his boss at a kinky club and then meets him at work (police), I don't think the boss knows. He keeps having accidents in front of him. tripping over a trash can police siren mishaps. The boss is worried about the employee but they secretly have the hots for each other. Any one have any idea? I think it was on KU
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2021.10.20 19:33 chasej1887 Name 4 more iconic keys ill wait

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2021.10.20 19:33 Socajowa Good 30” wide French door fridge recommendations?

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2021.10.20 19:33 Individual_Passage33 Tattoo etiquette

I am soon to be a licensed realtor in Austin, Tx. I was a Realtor in Portland, Or for a few years before I decided to move on to a different profession for a couple of years. Back in Portland I spend part of my time as an assistant, transaction coordinator, you name it I probably had done it lol. Then I went on to become an individual agent for a couple of years. In all those years I was very diligent to cover all of my tattoos, especially while working as an assistant, etc.

Now that I am out here and it a few years have passed, I'm wondering what anyone's experience was with this. I have two full sleeves and my legs have quite a bit of tattoos as well. No neck, face, or chest tattoos though. I never used to mind covering them all in Oregon because the weather was so temperate. Now that I am in Austin though... I am having a hard time imagining how I will be able to survive in long sleeves and pants! I know each client is different so I will have to adapt accordingly. I was just hoping there was anyone in the industry that has dealt with this.
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2021.10.20 19:33 the_bull1737 Questions about lycanthropy

As the title says. My question (as a DM) is this: when a PC gets affected by lycanthropy, does their transformation ONLY occur on a full moon? And if so is that both of their forms (hybrid form and animal form), or just one? If just one, does the other get to be transformed into at will? Thanks guys!
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2021.10.20 19:33 primediamond Splitgate Sniper Quickscope Montage (Compilation of my best sniper shots)

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2021.10.20 19:33 xpEndo77 Industrial District Progress (Update)

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2021.10.20 19:33 Infukes Question about tablets need some help

Hello folks if u can help me that would be great i wanna buy a tablet to play Epic Seven and i have three choices right now Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+/Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus and i have few questions about them if any of u use them any help would be nice fist Tabs7+ ist 12.4 inch screen and my question is epic seven on full screen on this tablet or there any borders on screen if possible can any of u share a photo how the game works on this tablet? And second and third is Lenovo tablet and Tab s5e i have the same question about borders and full screen on this two just like in S7+ and second question about performance of this tablets is E7 wroking smooth on this two without any lags or FPS drops? For any Help thanks in advance.
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2021.10.20 19:33 ScientistBitch20 SciB and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day [Contest]

Hey RAOA!! I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day today. So I have decided to send some people some happy mail!

Be a nice person :)
Have something around $10 on your wishlist
Have your wishlist pinned to your profile please!
Show me a Disney meme or tell me a joke or something to make my day suck a little less
Tag a friend!
Use the phrase 'One hit wonder' for the randomizer

Contest ends tomorrow when I'm in class around 4:30 EST.
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2021.10.20 19:33 DagZeta I am liking this Project Ember thing so far. Streaming chapter 4 and maybe more today.

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2021.10.20 19:33 GabhaNua Inside Business with Ciaran Hancock - "Turbo-charging the affordable housing sector"

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2021.10.20 19:33 xSerpentine I fingered a cat.

I know it's bad but my cat looked pretty upset one day and it had been two weeks after their partner died, so I decided to finger the cat. I don't know whether cats work like us, just thought I'd give it a try.
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2021.10.20 19:33 Krayt_Dragon 😭

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2021.10.20 19:33 golfgloves Destiny 1 backwards compatible on old gen

Would you play a reboot of d1 on the anniversary coming this December?
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2021.10.20 19:33 chistescortos 💣 💣 NOTICIA BOMBA Ultima Hora Después de EL JUEGO DEL CALAMAR llega EL BAILE DEL CALAMAR (Primicia Exclusiva) 💣 💣

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2021.10.20 19:33 Orgasmatron-TheyThem Question about the kill switch

Will disabled perks, add-ones, offerings etc. still show up in the blood web? I haven’t spent my points on mikaela yet and I want to know if I can still unlock circle of healing as a teachable even though it’s disabled.
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2021.10.20 19:33 bot_neen Al momento del retiro, tome en cuenta algunos factores

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2021.10.20 19:33 moonsugar6 Covid vaccine booster?

I just got my booster shot from a local Walgreens and they didn't put a sticker or write anything on my covid card so I have nothing to show for it. Is this normal for the boosters? I'm trying to call them but I can't get through.
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2021.10.20 19:33 SolomonOf47704 PSA: The web novel for the Rising of the Shield Hero is NOT CANON.

I keep seeing people point to events that happened in the web novel as "proof" that Shield Hero is a garbage story. The Web Novel is just edgy garbage, yes, but the author decided to make it non-canon for that reason. People should judge the merits of a story off of the canon parts of that story.
Melty is never (presumably) raped by Filo after Naofumi locks them in a "Shield Prison" skill in order to avoid the same fate.
Bitch isn't forced to marry the Rapist King by Mirellia and Naofumi.
Not web novel only, but still non-canon happenings.
Raphtalia doesn't think she can get pregnant from kissing, she knows how babies are made. (From the Boar Hunting episode in the anime)
Raphtalia isn't "physically mostly an adult, but mentally still a child". That was manga only, which isn't written directly by the LN author. The closest thing to that in the LNs would be something like "I'm an adult now, but I only have the life experience of a 10 year old."
You can criticize the story, it has a lot of weird or shitty points in it, but criticize it off of the canon LN, as the Anime (and quite a bit of the manga) are really poor adaptations that cut out probably the most important part of the story, Naofumi's inner dialogue.
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