Thoughts on this debut vinyl?

2021.10.20 19:32 a-getaway-cat Thoughts on this debut vinyl?

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2021.10.20 19:32 AdventureBum M1 Pro - which GPU?

I know none of us have tried out these new machines yet, but I'm having a really hard time finding anything online about why one would need the 16 core GPU vs. the 14 core one, especially in regards to editing on FCP, and was hoping to have a discussion about it.
From what I can tell, any configuration of these new machines is going to be insanely fast, but I'm not sure what tasks would be better suited for a GPU upgrade vs. a CPU upgrade. I know that rendering ProRes and h.264 go through the GPU, but don't all GPUs for a given chip have the same encodedecoder for this? Where would the extra couple of cores be most useful for an editor who doesn't do much with 3D graphics or layering? Would the extra cores help speed up color correction? 3rd party NR like Neat Video? Stabilization?
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2021.10.20 19:32 Flat_Consequence7690 Tolunay ören in burnuyla kapışacak biri varmı?

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2021.10.20 19:32 kadzmoney 🧜Mermaid Token 🧜‍♀️ 290 Holders 🤑 BTC Rewards (Our last project did a 500x)🚀

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2021.10.20 19:32 kogmur Ban Screenshots of eBay Listings

Mods, it seems like every single day on this sub there is a screenshot of some overpriced listing on eBay. They bring nothing to this sub expect for a daily reminder that yeah, the market is fucked right now and has been for quite some time.
At this point I think we all get it, and as someone always seems to point out in the comments of those threads, shittygamecollecting exists for just that.
Thanks and happy collecting.
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2021.10.20 19:32 roosterchick0934 Moving Out of the USA to Europe tips

Hi, I currently live in the central United States. I love the mountains and overall liberal culture where I live, but the country as a whole has me losing my mind. It's hard to enjoy my little bubble when the rest of the country isn't as desirable. My boyfriend and I are looking to move to Europe within the next decade if possible. The places I've been looking most into are Germany, Austria, Denmark, and the Netherlands. I'm not really sure what I'm asking other than some advice specific to US>>Western Europe. If it changes anything, my partner is a car salesman and I'm a dog groomer (though I plan to go to college either before or after the move to change that). So yea, mostly advice. And also, if y'all know, what does LGBT acceptance look like in these places as I am nonbinary.
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2021.10.20 19:32 salman2589 Kids these days...

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2021.10.20 19:32 Wetworth USS Vestal (AR-4) after she was beached in Pearl Harbor, 9 December 1941. She had been damaged by Japanese bomb hits during the raid. An Officers' Motor Boat is alongside her starboard quarter, Pearl Harbor, HI, Dec 9, 1941 [938x602]

USS Vestal (AR-4) after she was beached in Pearl Harbor, 9 December 1941. She had been damaged by Japanese bomb hits during the raid. An Officers' Motor Boat is alongside her starboard quarter, Pearl Harbor, HI, Dec 9, 1941 [938x602] submitted by Wetworth to WarshipPorn [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 19:32 Hummerous World Population

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2021.10.20 19:32 No-Examination-9797 I am tired and exhausted

How do i get through this? I don't like being uncomfortable or in uncertainty i want to be in power and certainty? Here i am have no clue what to do with life? I feel so exhausted but at the same time i want to escape. I am so tired i just wanna run away and be taken care off. I hate the part where i have to care for myself and make decisions for myself.
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2021.10.20 19:32 Remarkable_Bee4053 Anyone know what kind of eggs these are? In Pasedna Maryland, on my window screen.

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2021.10.20 19:32 NooaJ What in the world?!

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2021.10.20 19:32 TraditionalGoal422 earnXPR is the FIRST ever rewards token that pays out in PROTON ($XPR)!

Proton is an up and coming token looking to change the way we view the crypto space by eliminating fees for transactions.
earnXPR is a reward token that is distributing 8% XPR directly back to their holder. Thats right, you can grab a piece of the hottest cryptocurrency simply by holding earnXPR! In addition to this, earnXPR has formed a solid base of holders that are passionate about both EarnXPR and XPR. What better way to pay homage to XPR than to create a token that constantly buys XPR and distributes it to earnXPR holders - thus increasing the amount of XPR holders as well!
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Join us as we rally together our biggest XPR brotons and unite as one massive community to send earnXPR right past the moon on our quest for mars!
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2021.10.20 19:32 baybecaykes Got me a little kitten today. Her name is Artemis.

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2021.10.20 19:32 KCMO2025 $ATER next stop ✋ 😤 will be 10.50 before We take off for the moon

Are you ready for take off to the moon? Get ready for $300.
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2021.10.20 19:32 SGVsbG86KQ Non-sticky situation

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2021.10.20 19:32 JediWithAnM4 Quiet, there’s Charlie in the bushes

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2021.10.20 19:32 funkytowne1 First cards of 2021! FT/FS PC Cubs

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2021.10.20 19:32 Alive-Material-2947 searching for a vampire novel

I've read a book about 10 years ago about vampires and I REALLY want to find it.
It was set in high school, and a new girl joined the school and she was a vampire. one scene was in a hot tub of some sort and she bit the lead guy in the party (or later on) and i think he thought it a joke till it turned out to be real. needless to say, he liked her a lot and it was mutual - later on i THINK she was teaching him on how to be a vampire or something. names were unusual kinda.
I cannot for the life of me remember anything about the book other than this and other than the fact i REALLY liked it and would like to reread it but anything would help.
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2021.10.20 19:32 secondwoman 21 [M4A] Sheffield, UK - Looking for friends

Hi I'm currently studying philosophy at UoS. I live in Lancashire when I'm not at uni. Like a lot of you I've grown to strongly prefer vegan friends. Came across this sub on the vegan cheat sheet doc and thought why not give this a shot!
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2021.10.20 19:32 mfattal 2021 Recommendations for power amps/integrated?

New owner of a pair of 1.7i. they are my first pair of nice speakers and I'm in a bit of a pickle because I need to both power them and for y'all to tell me that I can enjoy all kinds of music on them becaue I listen to a lot of rock and heavy metal and apparently they're not great for those? Correct me if I'm wrong please.
So I'm in a bit of a position myself. I did have two used monoblock wyred for sound sx1000r that I used for ten days, they output 1200w ar 4 ohm. But they malfunctioned so I had to return them. 1800 for both (50% of retail.)
No I'm considering getting a new crown xti series amp that can get the same power. Thoughts? The budget is kind of strained because I'm buying 2 rel s812s and I already bought an avr, a Marantz sr 6014 for home theater and as a preamp.
The Marantz can't handle the maggies at -8db the bass is just horrible.
Do you have any recommendations? Maggie lovers your thoughts are appreciated.
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2021.10.20 19:32 Lingerieliv Do we appreciate science nerds?

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2021.10.20 19:32 bufleica Saraxjacob

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2021.10.20 19:32 faranfurther My first kitchen offering

My first kitchen offering First kitchen offering tonight
Might get a Hestia statue at some point
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2021.10.20 19:32 No-Painting-2244 Has Reddit stopped archiving posts?

I remember when I first joined reddit, posts that were over 6 months old couldn't be upvoted, downvoted or edited in any way. These posts don't have the archive symbol on them anymore and you can drop comments when you couldn't before. I just want someone to confirm this.
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