[USA-MD][H} Paypal [W] i5/i7/i9 LGA1200 CPU wiith integrated graphics

2021.09.27 17:44 3_Three_3 [USA-MD][H} Paypal [W] i5/i7/i9 LGA1200 CPU wiith integrated graphics

Looking for an i5/i7/i9-10/11xxx CPU. i5-10400, 10600K, 11400, 11600K, 10700, 11700K, 10900K, 10850K, etc. Anything Comet Lake or i5 Rocket Lake preferred, budget is $250.
Comment before PM, no chats.
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2021.09.27 17:44 Horror_Retrospective Film Review: The Monster Squad (1987)

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2021.09.27 17:44 Little-Profession317 Trying to do something like this what do u think???? Any ideas help me out lads

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2021.09.27 17:44 Medium-Minute8828 I need a new hip

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2021.09.27 17:44 Reudn Is there a difference between a hunting rifle and the kind of rifle you would use for long range shooting? If so what are those differences?

I'm in the process of getting my restricted and non-restricted licenses in Canada. I'm reading the subreddit FAQ, trying to get an idea of what I would want and should do, also looking at the local gun shop website that I would probably buy from. Seeing a lot of rifles, not sure how to tell which ones are simply for hunting and which aren't. I didn't get a hunting license and don't plan on hunting in the future so I don't need one that can do both. I'm also wondering if long range rifles that you wouldn't use to hunt are considered restricted. It's not mentioning anything about restricted/non-restricted on the website.
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2021.09.27 17:44 maggielatona49 What do you do with extra money?

I have an 8 person CL family (6 kids who are all teens now) who have made over 200k selling crops and animal products. I've renovated their home, but I don't want to make it too fancy due to their lifestyle. What is there to do with that extra money? Seems like a silly question, but I feel like it's not appropriate for this family!
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2021.09.27 17:44 LordElysian How to add a custom device to the Device Simulator?

I'm currently on version 2021.1 of Unity, which I've gathered includes the Device Simulator as part of the engine now without being an experimental package.
I'd like to add a custom device but I'm not finding anywhere where I can do that. Since it's no longer a package, I can't go to the Package Manager to add the device directory. It's also not showing in the preferences menu either.
Unity has a "Control Panel" that can be toggled when using the Simulator but you can only modify the language and internet connection. I even tried writing a JSON file for the minimal device that Unity provides here and putting it in my Assets folder but it wasn't picked up by the Simulator.
Is there something I'm missing? Was the ability to add custom devices removed with the inclusion of the Device Simulator as part of the Unity engine? Any help is appreciated.
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2021.09.27 17:44 SinJinQLB What's your favorite videogame, renamed as a Florida man news article?

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2021.09.27 17:44 pattrickduffy6673 Kind of a weird question

So I've volunteered to teach a few friends how to change their oil recently. I typically have no issues doing it in my tiny driveway. But the issues I'm realizing now are: 1. I do not have room in my driveway to jack up all cars at once. 2. The area I do have is not an ideal place to lift a car. It's gravel and not super even. I've been working in cars for a long time and know the limits. It's safe for me to do. That being said I would like to teach them proper safety concerns and feel like my spot would give the wrong idea.
In short I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a good public spot we won't get hassled for using for automotive work? Random parking lot or anything of the like.
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2021.09.27 17:44 Resilient_Libra2021 Is the USCIS website down? Can’t check my case status

Since yesterday
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2021.09.27 17:44 KangarooMuskrat Might be the only other skin that looks good on icebreaker besides the exotic amber one. PS: why does it take 40 finger scrolls to get to the bottom of my list of skins??

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2021.09.27 17:44 Alternative_Zone_553 Ti 10 Watch Party at Cambridge, UK

as titled
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2021.09.27 17:44 ThoughtfullyYours Cookie has resting B face but she lubs me. ❤

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2021.09.27 17:44 Sad_Nefariousness_68 BEST IPTV, You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leav

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2021.09.27 17:44 Trashindino What is it with Timeout players?

I don't what it is with Timeout Players but I just played 5 diffrent matches and each player decided to Timeout when they had card they could still play do they expect you to leave so they can win? Here's my opinion I feel like there should be a 3-5 min ban for these players. I know I'll get some hate for this but I would like to hear others opinions on this matter, I love the game and the app but I can't stand some of these players sometimes.
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2021.09.27 17:44 Fomich_Master My dog in the bed! :)

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2021.09.27 17:44 Trick_Cute Will a degree in digital media me get into web dev or UX/UI

Currently in the market for a degree that will teach me about UX/UI and/or web dev, I was wondering if DGIM was the degree for me
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2021.09.27 17:44 food-baby-12 Now imagine you're 25 but needed $200 from your parent, can only be from your parent, How would you ask one of them?

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2021.09.27 17:44 scAMIR When you wake up and realize she a 3 when you thought she a 7 because you are “intoxicated” that’s when you realize you fucked up

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2021.09.27 17:44 TropicalCyclone Windows 11 final build is out now, oculus link performance?

Windows announced that their final build on windows 11 is now out on the windows insider program, has anyone tested if oculus link works smoothly on the new build? I tried oculus on an older windows 11 build and the performance of oculus link is horrendous, extreme ammount of ghosting and performs a bit slow, even in oculus home. So i rolled back to windows 10.
Has anyone tried the performance of link on this new build?
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2021.09.27 17:44 nimbusjack Anyone have a recommendation for an off-the-shelf data grid / spreadsheet type component?

I have a bulk of tabular data that I'd like for my users to be able to manipulate with a lot of the kind of standard spreadsheet functions like filter, sort, search. Generally I'm more interested in read than write. I can across: https://github.com/adazzle/react-data-grid
but I'm wondering if there are any other gold standards for displaying this kind of data for consumption I should consider that the community would recommend?
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2021.09.27 17:44 Defami01 Workshopping a More Satisfying Conclusion to Slarkrethel

Yeah, spoilers for the end of the campaign if you're a player.
So my party is heading towards the two giant lords that they were able to discover from the Eye of the All-Father (Guh and Sansuri). Taking a lot of great hints from this sub, I've been able to incorporate the Kraken Cult a lot more in my campaign, so Slarkrethel is considered by the party just as much of a threat to the adventure as Iymrith and the giant lords. With that said, the Kraken can probably easily TPK the party by the time they reach him in the adventure as written, even with the couple extra levels I've given them. But to have him just disappear at the end of the campaign without any real resolution, like he kind of does as written in chapter 11, also feels super unfulfilling.
The solution that I'm putting together is to move the climactic battle against Slarkrethel to Chapter 10, when the party goes to Maelstrom.
The set up is that Iymrith and Slarkrethel before the adventure made an alliance when the Ordening was shattered in hopes to eradicate all of giant kind (with Iymerith working from within and Slarkrethel without). With that established, once the party inevitably unveils Iymrith's storm giant disguise in Maelstrom, Iymerith will then send a message to Slarkrethel, who then teleports nearby (he's a powerful enough spellcaster to do that no problem) and attacks the fortress. The purpose of this, for Iymrith, is to create as much destruction as possible so she has to opportunity to teleport away without worrying about getting counterspelled into staying.
The plan between the two from there SHOULD be that they regroup later, but that's when alignment comes in. Iymrith is lawful evil, is out of her element while underwater, and is less likely to underestimate the storm giants understanding the danger she is in. Slarkrethel, on the other hand, is chaotic evil, and has likely spent hundreds if not thousands of years vying for control of the sea against the storm giants. It is likely that he would see this as a chance to destroy their home and leader for good. I'm thinking of also giving Slarkrethel some minions to bring with him, one of which being King Hetakon under a mind control affect to attack his own court (which can probably be very dramatic when faced against his daughters). With Sansuri and her courts' help, this actually gives the party a chance to defeat Slarkrethel when otherwise it would be probably impossible.
This helps add to the campaign in a lot of ways.

  1. Creates a far more climactic and satisfying set piece than just having Iymerith teleport away from the party, which can be just frustrating to the party.
  2. Cuts out the fat of the party needing to travel all the way to Yartar to convince Sansuri to help them.
  3. Gives Sansuri and the party the chance to work together, building trust between them both.
  4. Gives an opportunity for the party to see the Wyrmskull Throne in action, which seems unlikely from how the adventure is as written.
  5. Gives Iymrith a more likely escape route for the adventure's climax in Anauroch Desert.
  6. Most importantly, gives the party the chance to defeat a main antagonist of the adventure without him in the end disappearing anticlimactically.
Wanted to throw this idea out to the community to see what everyone else thinks. Also, what are some ideas other DM's would include if they were to run the encounter?
For everyone who made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read all of this!
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2021.09.27 17:44 SourCandy144 Is it what I think it is, or is it just my mind?

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2021.09.27 17:44 AmySharpton Facebook pauses Instagram Kids because it was actually a bad idea

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2021.09.27 17:44 Technoblued Rate the drip

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