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I (23f) just had my first ever breakup, would love some thoughts and kind words

2021.09.27 17:53 Potential-Bumblebee4 I (23f) just had my first ever breakup, would love some thoughts and kind words

So basically as the title says, I feel I am a late bloomer and after years of bad luck, I finally met a guy from online dating (also in his 20s) and shared a few lovely months of mutual attraction. He was my first everything and I felt the more I got to know him the closer I came to falling in love, however I could sense that things were unbalanced between us and as he lost interest in me I tried even harder to rebuild what we had started together. Eventually things fell apart and although it ended on good terms, I feel I wish it had never happened at all because now I have renewed hope that maybe I can find someone with whom I can share the long term relationship I've always wanted, and that hope is scary and painful. I've always had my life sorted out, but when it comes to my love life I have terrible luck and this was my first good experience with someone, and I'm absolutely terrified it was the only one I'll ever have. I live in a small town where I don't fit in, and abandoned my plans to move to the city when I found someone here to be with. Now that it's over, I'm trying to pick up the pieces of those plans. I know that what I want most out of my life is to find a partner to share it with, and knowing that now, I feel terrified at the thought of all the work I need to put in to make that happen, knowing that there are still so many variables that are out of my control. I hate this phase of my life where the things I want most feel so far away.
Thanks for reading, I hope this fits the rules of the sub, if not please delete. I'd love some kind words right now as I feel like I currently have the emotional and mental fragility of a piece of glass and am experiencing a creeping sense of loneliness I've never felt before.
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2021.09.27 17:53 LorenzoAnderson66 Snail Lover

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2021.09.27 17:53 basedVer If arsonist is visited the night they ignite are the visitors doused and killed?

title speaks for itself
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2021.09.27 17:53 srgimonparra Do I need to play the story on every single character to unlock all the maps?

I'm still playing through PoF with my first character but am considering switching. Would I need to play the base game, living world 1-4, HoT and PoF story again to access the maps?
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2021.09.27 17:53 new_irson I want to know the full story of Nier(Gestalt/ Replicant).

I really want to experience the story and events through the game but my potato pc won't allow it. So, is there like a YouTube video summary or something like that i could watch? I really want to know why nier fans praise it so much.
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2021.09.27 17:53 rabbiabe Fun with small scraps of vero: Darlington “jumpers” to make better use of low-gain transistors.

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2021.09.27 17:53 bereketbegziabher How Much Money TommyInnit Makes?

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2021.09.27 17:53 Fredog777 Puffco Peak Pro upgrades

Hey everyone,
Wondering if anyone recommends any Peak Pro upgrades other than glass and carb cap? Thinking atomizer upgrades
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2021.09.27 17:53 WhatTheActualFork1 Matt talks to 'The Talk's Jerry O'Connell about working with Akbar Gbajabiamila

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2021.09.27 17:53 m3ttaton-3x blue bg

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2021.09.27 17:53 picklesareferocious I decided to make Crona! the link to the picrew is in the comments

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2021.09.27 17:53 Mysterious-Nerve-776 💎SolBnb is Launching Now, $BNB and $SOL (4%-4%) in every 60 minutes! Huge marketing plans is coming! The Next Gen reward token, SOL NFT platform is coming

SOLBNB $SOLB is a double dividend yield paying token on the BSC. Inspired by the Binance Smart Chain and Solana communities, the dev team who are long time crypto investors aim to provide the $SOLBNB community with the best of both tokens, a fun atmosphere and lots of $BNB and $SOL for everyone to share!
All holders of $SOLBNB (regardless of the amount of tokens held) will receive $BNB and $SOL in equal amounts of value (4%-4%) automatically airdropped into their wallets every 60 Minutes!
🔥 NFT Market place coming soon
🔥 Partnering with professionals from all sectors.
🔥 Daily AMAs and Community Games with Giveaways.
🔥 1K Telegram members and growing
🔥 CMC and CG soon.
🔥 Get rewarded in $BNB or $SOL rewards for holding $SOLBNB tokens.
💠 Tax Fee: 10%
8% goes back to the Holders in SOL and BNB
1% is for marketing / buyback
1% goes into the liquidity pool as it is with every crypto token.
♻️ BNB and SOL Redistribution: 8% of all transactions have BNB auto-redistributed to $SOLBNB holders. Auto-claimed every 60 Minutes after every sells and buys.
🔐 LP Allocation: 1% of all transactions go to liquidity pool
🐳 Anti whale/dump lock: Sells are restricted to less than 0.1% of the total supply
SOLBNB is a reflective, LP acquisitioning and Buy Back Token. Which means that every transaction will distribute tokens to the holders, it will also liquidate assets meaning it will provide and grow the liquidity pool and burns tokens automatically. We have also set up Buy Back protocols. All of which redistribute with every transaction. Every action taken is with our community in mind.
Our Tokenomics are designed for the future. The anti-bot and anti-dump features will provide our HOLDERS stability in a safe, and 100% rug proof, environment. We also know that marketing and liquidity play an important role in the growth of the token. So our fees will make sure that this part is taken care of with every transaction.
SOLBNB has a very low Buy-In fee and a time delay has been implemented on both buys and sells to prevent chart manipulation by bots. To prevent Big Dumps you can only sell with a maximum price impact of 0,3%.

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Contract Address: 0x860d2b62ae92ad3f5c9275b4ff4d8153f1f4671c
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.27 17:53 Plastic_Lake_5684 Questions about tenet weapons?

First off, I currently have a sister with the tenet tetra? Is it good now post nerf? If so, how good, like what could I compare it to? How does it stack up against Bramma, or other Tenet Weapons? Secondly, how strong are the other tenet weapons, specifically Arca Plasmor, and Flux Rifle? Are they any good? Any comparisons? How does Arca Plasmor stack up against Bramma? Lastly, how good is tenet detron compared to Mara Detron and Kuva Brakk? Sorry for all the questions, and I don’t all of these to be answered, I’m just trying to understand current meta, as I haven’t played in a while.
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2021.09.27 17:53 spooky_squirrel Collin's Manor (water damaged) Library update

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2021.09.27 17:53 PlumwithanO Is there a secret or trick to using a French Coffee Press to avoid coffee grounds in your cup?

I enjoy using the Coffee press, but I often end up with loads of coffee grounds in the bottom of my cup, am I using it incorrectly or are coffee grounds just part of the "charm?"
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2021.09.27 17:53 jalalala Does it make sense to apply for a EIN to buy flowers at wholesale?

Hi! This might be a ridiculous premise but I would really love to have lots of flowers at our wedding and would love to save money where we can (obviously).
Does anyone have any thoughts about creating a small business/applying for an EIN to then be able to purchase flowers at wholesale cost? It would literally be just for the wedding, I have no interest in selling flowers after the wedding. My taxes have always been very simple and straightforward so I don't know how much this might complicate things. I would file in NY, if this makes a difference.
Thanks for any help!
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2021.09.27 17:53 Mammoth_Perception Matar

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2021.09.27 17:53 chrisbair Keto Chow Flavor of the week: Get 10% off all Savory Bulk Meal Bags September 27th - October 3rd

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2021.09.27 17:53 stupidityWorks Felt sad, might delete later

So... I'm going to unsub from here because it's taking a toll on my mental health.

I'm transgender - MTF. That's kind of relevant.

It was nice shitposting with you for a bit, I enjoyed the comments section, whatever.

But the gigantic selfie train (that I have admittedly participated in awhile back) is just too much for me.

It's something that I'll never be able to do myself. These are people who I'll never be. People who I'll never come close to. And seeing them just reminds me of the fact that I don't have two X chromosomes, that I have a bulky masculine frame, and that I'll never be a cute girl.
And I hate that. It's something that I'd like to ignore, and that makes it hard.

So, yeah. It's been fun. Thanks for reading. Just had to vent that.

Also, if you're a transphobe, can you please be a little dignified and express that somewhere else?
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2021.09.27 17:53 indoortundra689 Every night, it haunts me...

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2021.09.27 17:53 deathpacito_2 Mh yes, presur wahsir

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2021.09.27 17:53 Orillion_169 [OC] With my first session coming on friday, time to jump on the bandwagon. AMA about my world Vaeros.

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2021.09.27 17:53 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 17:53 heelturnsheadlocks NJPW Monday Free Match - Kazuchika Okada vs YOSHI-HASHI at G1 Climax 28. Arguably the best singles match of the latter's career

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2021.09.27 17:53 DoctorBeerface [Suggestion] Gaming PC in Europe, 1000-1500 Euro

Hey all,
I want to replace my aged PC, which has started to have reliability issues. I have a couple of Asus VX279H 27 inch Widescreen LED Monitors, plus a keyboard and mouse, so I 'just' need the PC.
I'm based in Austria, so we're probably looking at a German supplier. I'd love to spend 1000EUR, but I'm willing to go to 1500EUR for a good deal.
I play CP2077 on my PS4 Pro, and it would be great to play on my new PC. I'm perfectly happy at 1080p. I have no streaming or recording requirements. I don't think anything else I want to play will test the limits like CP2077, but I want to do some regular gaming and I don't want to run into performance issues for a good while.
I'd also like to be able to manage a lot of browser tabs at once, and I run a D&D game using Fantasy Grounds, but to my knowledge this isn't a challenging application (my old PC runs it just fine).
Thanks in advance.
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